Nnamani: It’s Wrong for Lawmakers to Execute Constituency Projects


Bassey Inyang in Calabar

Former President of the Senate, Senator Ken Nnamani, has stated that it was wrong for lawmakers to be directly involved in the execution of constituency projects.

In Nnamani’s view, the execution of projects as prescribed by the Nigerian constitution is the function of the executive arm of government.

Speaking during a recent interview with journalists in Calabar on the relationship between the executive and the legislature in the country, the former senate president said: “If lawmakers are involved in the execution of constituency projects, in my view, it is wrong.

“They are not supposed to do that. iI is for the executive to do that. You cannot be competing with your governor in the state on building of roads. That is not your role. Where did you get the budget to do that? Are you the executive? You are a legislator. You have a limited income. You are there to make laws and carry out oversight functions, screening of ministers and other things. There are basic roles defined in the constitution. For somebody to say that he is building this, executing that, as what, from where is that money coming from?”

He pointed out the since the executive and the legislature are organs of the same government, the process of budget making provides a co-relationship for government to make the budget in the interest of the nation.