JEDC: Why We Disengaged Some


 of Our Workers

By Seriki Adinoyi in Jos

Managing Director (MD) of the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC) Plc, Alhaji Gidado Modibo has denied alleged disparities in the salaries of workers, noting that the company would continue to put the welfare of staff as top priority.

Explaining that  salaries of staff of the company  were harmonised in November 2015, the MD said the records were there to back his claim, adding that “we know the relevance of morale to efficiency, and cannot treat some workers better than the others because we all need their maximum output.”

Modibbo, who addressed the press in his office, also said “The union’s claim that we have been sacking people is not true. Since we took over the company in 2013, we have recruited more than 150 people into the system.

“We only disengaged a few redundant and weak people that were not adding any value to the system, and that included four Assistant General Managers, four Business Managers and some principal and senior managers.

“We run JEDC as a private outfit that must stay afloat and survive, so much premium is placed on productivity and resourcefulness.

“The records and data are there to support the performances of those sacked and those retained.

“We have found out that it is the former workers that were sacked over such poor performance that have mobilised students and miscreants to fight the system.”

He said some of those sanctioned were shown the way out because they were involved in all manners of extortion.

“But they are struggling to remain in the system which is not just possible because the union cannot force us to engage or keep anyone we do not find useful.”

  Mr. Musa Ayiga, Vice President, National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE), North-East had recently accused the JEDC of sacking no fewer than 50 employees, including him.

Ayiga told the newsmen in Jos that the management carried out the sack over staff agitation arising from disparity in salaries and working conditions.