Fanta Restructures Campaign Characters


Change has come to the globally recognisable Fanta cast of animated characters. Although the world has been a playground for Andy, Maude, Floyd, Todd, Tristan and Gigi since 2006, when they became a part of the brand’s communication landscape, things have stepped up for the crew in 2016 as a new phase of communication begins for the franchise.

Reflecting the natural tide of life, the once pint-sized Fanta characters are now in their teens, with all the awkwardness that it connotes: from embarrassing moments to family tensions, the happy-go-lucky crew has to contend with all the misunderstandings that come with adolescence—just like teenagers everywhere.

An example can be found in one of the Fanta television commercials, where guitar-strumming Andy gets a bad dose of stage-fright at his band’s first school performance, after catching a glimpse of his secret crush. With his vocal cords tightening and throat suddenly constricting, he can barely squawk out his first line until after he gets a hold of a delicious bottle of Fanta.

Nevertheless, some things remain the same, as Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Patricia Jemibewon, observes. “The Fanta characters are pretty much the same. They have the same personality and interests as they have always had. However, their feelings, emotions and interests are now more in line with teens their age. They are also more expressive and show their emotions through facial expressions, gestures, body language and speech.”

“So, their playful, cheeky personalities come through as they show how they navigate through different teen tension moments and they never lose a chance to engage in their fun interests with their friends. They are just like teenagers everywhere” she adds.

Gigi continues to lead the crew, striking a chord with teenagers, with her love of adventure, sense of loyalty and intelligence as she travels and parties it up.

Confirmed cool-guy, Tristan, remains the style savant of the Fanta Crew. Dapper, self-confident and suave, Tristan still cannot imagine the world without music, preferably blaring through his oversised headphones or flying off his DJ turntables at parties. With a healthy dose of the artistic temperament, purple-haired Maude is the creative genius who builds play out of all that is around her.

While the Fanta Crew remain as excitable and fun-loving as ever, they’ve finally swapped the swings and slides of childhood for the barely controlled chaos that’s everyone’s teenage years and somehow, manage to remain cool.