BY Funke Babs-Kufeji

Sat behind the wheels of a Rolls Royce(RR) Wraith was like fast-forwarding my life 5 years from now.

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning in the upscale Banana Island estate in Ikoyi and there I was cruising around in this state of the art luxury car like I just won the lottery.

I arrived at the Patisserie Café about 9 am where I was to meet up with the team from Chocharis Motors, the official RR Dealers in Nigeria who had invited a group of Auto and lifestyle Journalist to ‘The RR Drive Experience’.No sooner had I settled down for a croissant n a glass of orange juice, I was called to take a look at the cars available to test drive. Outside the café, the was a white Rolls Royce (RR) Phantom car, it look monstrous but not in the way that it would scare you but like a gentle giant not easily ignored. Next to it wasa black and silver RR Wraith which looked a lot more compact and feminine, like it was specially spec-ed with me in mind and no doubt as soon as I got in it, I looked damn good behind the wheels.

But you will agree with me that no matter how good a car looks and feels, it’s not much good unless the driving experience is impressive. I’m very happy to say that the Wraith more than exceeded my expectations when I fired the engine. Driving the it can be best rivaled to floating on a magic carpet ride.The car goes from being stationary to moving in one extremely smooth motion and least I forget for a car its size, it corners like it’s on rails. The acceleration is so smooth that you can only really tell you are moving by looking out the windows.When you turbo it emits is a pleasing roaring sound not enough to disturb your pleasure of the car, but enough to alert drivers around you to make way. As I drove around I couldn’t help but notice how other cars slowed down and people walking stopped in their tracks to admire the car and perhaps just maybe the beautiful damsel on the wheels adds more allure to the car

The interior is a masterpiece of fine materials and meticulousness engineering.A clean loud sound system, adaptive cruise control, satellite navigation system to name but a few of the features.The exterior design very RR-esque at the front, with its classic grill and similar headlights to with RR Ghost, the back is a sloping coupe with a large rear window, large and double exhaust pipes, which are elegantly integrated into the lower bumper.

The RR Wraith is yet another masterpiece from the British manufacturer Rolls-Royce Motors Cars Limited, the experience is legendary and really has to be experienced to be fully understood. One word simply describes the Rolls Royce Wraith, LUXURY!!!

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