Will Nigeria Ever Change?



Despite the well-worn mantra of the present administration, Nigerians appear simply immune to change, no matter the potential benefits.

Barely a year into the lifespan of the present administration, many Nigerians are already seeking a ‘return to Egypt’. Nobody wants to endure the pains that pain brings, the same way a pregnant woman dreads labour pangs before a successful delivery. It doesn’t matter if the pledges made by government appear positively genuine; the truth is that the pains appear to outweigh the gains.

If many would rather long for the past days of corrupt enrichment in a ‘free economy’, at the expense of belt-tightening for a better today and greater tomorrow, it says a lot about our mindset as a people. If change must occur, the onus lies on every citizen to bear the preceding pain. Nothing good comes easily; simple truth.

– Abimbola Akosile