Well done Heritage Bank


I was invited to a dance drama funded by Heritage Bank and produced by Yibo Koko. This Yibo Koko, I saw him at Tera Kulture eating but did not greet him. He was looking really hungry so I decided not to disturb his lunch, not knowing that he was in the middle of this massive production. Th e culture of the Ikwere people were on display. It was very colourful and in depth.

The pride of the Rivers people was on display and for once the specter of electoral violence and lilliputian struggle for power was thrown to the background and the culture of this very obviously proud people was expertly showcased for the world to see. The importance of the sea and its creatures to the Rivers people was emphasised and I wondered all night how the costumes and traditional regalia were all so wonderfully put together. Well done Yibo and congratulations to Heritage Bank for bringing this to us.