Tonye Cole: where forth art thou?


I am looking for you o. I have carried my big head to go and produce a play with nothing but a prayer to fund it. Last time I saw you, we were seated almost beside each other at Bolanle’s play and I liked the slippers you wore. It was so fine, do you still have it? As my daughter climbed the stage and I started crying, you were the only one laughing at me and I swore that I will yab you on my page to get my own back. But when you called out of the blue to say HI to me, I decided to forgive you and make you my friend.

Well, who will not want to be your friend especially at these times when we all have to be close to magicians to get fuel to power our lives? Well, I am looking desperately for you and have decided to come to this page to paste my own ‘wanted’ poster. So anybody that knows this gentleman’s whereabouts kindly tell him that I am looking desperately for him. I just want to greet him o, I swear. The number he used to call me may have been part of the unregistered one that put MTN in trouble because since then, the thing never ring again.