Mudi in trouble


The highly talented designer is in trouble with me today. Last Saturday I saw one of his antique cars parked near the swimming pool at the Eko Hotel and decided to look for him to catch him. Ever since I have announced my play at the Muson, Mudi suddenly disappeared.

A man that used to buy me fish and bread in his wonderful studio at Anthony suddenly became busier than Donald Trump. So that day, I was determined to catch him. I removed my shoes, tip toed towards the swimming pool where I knew he would be sitting. Not knowing that the wayo man had seen me coming, he too pulled his shoes and jumped into the swimming pool and stayed under so that I won’t see him. Na so I come dey tip toe around the swimming pool, looking for him o. The oyinbo people thinking that I was a terrorist, carefully took their leave. Not knowing that Mudi was underwater waiting for me to leave, I finally gave up and pretended to leave.

Cunny man die , cunny man bury am. I tip toed to one corner and crouched waiting  for the dimunitive designer. When he was sure I was gone, he came out of the pool and started running towards his car like Usain Bolt, I jumped out and caught him and screamed, Mudiiiiiiiiii. He must sponsor whether he like or not. He promised to sponsor the play that I should see him next week in his studio. Me, Ajanaku I seize his spare tyre promising to give him back when I get the cheque. He shook his head and drove off. I will not go back to Akwa Ibom naked, by fire by force we go do this play. Alibaba must be paid.