Kachikwu Needs a Dibia


Yes, he apologized for disowning the magic career. But little did he know that he needs more than magic to succeed in his ardous and double-barrelled task. It is herculean enough to be the Group Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroeluem Corporation (NNPC), yet it is doubly challenging serving also as the Minister of state for Petroleum Resources at the same time.

Dr Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu is a First Class brain. That mental content plus his sterling private sector record at Mobil Oil, may have equipped his confidence that the job President Buhari gave him is not beyond his career threshold, especially as President Buhari himself is the substantive Minister of Petroleum.
But as they say, Kachikwu has since realized that Khaki no be leather.

With rounds of radical reforms that almost turned the status quo in the Oil sector upside down, Kachikwu did not understand that the ancient hands and lords he is dislodging from the Oil sector are bound to unscrew some nuts here and there that will make oil to spill uncontrollably in a way that the sector will bleed from all its pores. It is the massive and multiple bleeding that seems to have overwhelmed Kachikwu, who out of frustration, had to declare that he is not a magician.

Nigerians don’t need a magician. They need one who can fix their problems and make life less brutish and nasty.
Perhaps, what advertised Kachikwu’s failure most was the issue of the sharp drop in electricity supply across the country. If there was electricity, there will be lesser demand for petrol. But the twin plague of dismal electricity supply and petroleum scarcity has heightened Kachikwu’s sins to Nigerians, so much that even Bola Ahmed Tinubu who seems to have been enduring the challenges inflicted on Nigerians by the government he helped to install, had to blurt out his frustrations and called for Kachikwu to resign if he can’t fix the problems for which he is called. I don’t care if Tinubu made the call because Kachikwu’s policies have hurt the business interest of Tinubu’s brother, Wale, who is a major player in the oil sector .

But now that Kachikwu has promised reprieve to Nigerians as from this April and not May as he had earlier threatened, he must now go and gather some Dibias (native doctors) whose main brief will be to scatter and frustrate all the plans of the saboteurs in and out of government who are hell bent in ensuring that Nigerians will be so buffeted with tortourous sufferings and gnashing of teeth in such a way that they will be waiting for Kachikwu and his Buhari master in 2019 to have a breather from the punitive Change they voted for. Kachikwu must have realised this job is not all about grammar and smooth talk.He shouldn’t mind if he shares the same first name with Jesus Christ, neither should he mind that his surname literally means ‘no one is beyond God’. He needs this weird strategy of the Dibias to keep his detractors failing. This is a free counsel.