2019: Ex-CBN Deputy Gov, Moghalu to Run for President


A former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Kingsley Moghalu, Monday announced that he was consulting widely to run for the presidency in 2019.

Moghalu told journalists in Lagos that time had come for technocrats, intellectuals and experienced people to take power from Nigeria’s career politicians.

He said he would not be deterred from joining the race, in spite of speculations that 2023 was the year slated for Igbos to have a shot at the presidency.
Moghalu, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), argued that politics in Nigeria should be detribalised for Africa’s most populous nation to grow and take its rightful place in the comity of nations.

“It is the turn of any competent Nigerian to aspire for the post of presidency because career politicians have failed Nigeria.’’
He said that zoning, which had been used by the major political parties, might have been relevant in the past but that it was no longer necessary because competence should be placed above tribe in present day Nigeria.

“Zoning was an internal arrangement by political parties that was not constitutional. It should no longer matter where the president comes from.
“The future of Nigeria rests in technocratic interventions. We need thinking people that will take Nigeria from the politics of stomach infrastructure to politics of mental infrastructure.’’

The former CBN chief said the first part to progress for Nigeria was for the people to begin to think differently and beyond tribe in choosing those who would lead them.
Speaking on a second term for President Muhammadu Buhari, Moghalu said the president had constitutional rights to seek re-election.

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    Not sure what policies of note emanated from this man when he was deputy governor of the CBN. Not sure what his policies for Nigeria are either. The man spent years campaigning to be selected as CBN governor. Now he wants to be President. Interesting.

    • FrNinja

      Moghalu spent years at the united nations and after his cbn appointment was a fellow at the fletcher school of law and diplomacy. Bury your igbo hatred and read his articles.Some appeared on backpage.

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        Years at the UN doing what? at what level? and how does that qualify him to be President of Nigeria? Was he the most accomplished Nigerian that worked at the UN? How does working at the UN prepare a person to run a highly complex country like Nigeria with hundreds of tribes and conflicting interests?

        I have read his articles. The tenor of all was to some how argue that lawyers are themselves good ministers of finance and how he (like Awo) would make a great finance minister or (in his case (CBN governor).

        Now again I ask you, what major input into the Nigerian economy did the man make during his term as deputy CBN gov?

  • Pluti


  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    I totally endorse and fully support this educated, digital, middle-aged breath-of-fresh-air for the Presidency of Nigeria. Nigerians have seen that illiterate certificate forger, perjurer, bigot, sectionalist and herdsman Muhammadu Buhari is an orchestrated catastrophe, a choreographed calamity, an unmitigated disaster, a huge scam and an almighty fraud.

  • Sarah

    The entrance of credible thinkers like Kingsley Moghalu will be a game changer for our 2019 Presidential elections.
    I hope you have the tenacity required to mobilise support from across the country. A quick win would be mobilising youth through social media and then bringing them out to attend rallies in each of our 6 zones. If you successfully do this with large turnout, our godfathers (OBJ et al) will very readily support you when you visit them on the usual courtesy call rounds.
    Best wishes.