Ohanaeze Asks FG to End Military Harassment in S’East


By Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The umbrella body of the Igbos, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has asked the federal government to direct the military to call off its military operation in the South-east code-named Python Dance 11, describing it as an invasion in the region aimed at intimidating the people.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo, in a statement signed by its President General, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, Tuesday said: “Nigeria at this moment does not need such deliber              ate and proactive escalation of tensions and crisis.”

According to the body, rather than resorting to the use of brute force in the resolution of issue of self determination, the government should be more civilised and employ established practices to resolve “our democratic and security challenges”.

It warned that if this act of intimidation is not discontinued immediately, “it would be left with no alternative than to conclude that this is a containment policy aimed at the South-ast to intimidate our people from freely expressing their anger and angst at their marginalisation and treatment as second class citizens”.

Nwodo said: “In a democracy, the level of disenchantment expressed by the people of the South East of Nigeria ought to have provoked a serious dialogue between our people and the Federal Executive and the Legislature.”

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  • Ajile Louis

    Will the Army or Police drag me out to vote the Anambra election, well not vote that is the FEAR of the government and it will continue to be their nightmare. I think what Ohanaeze needs to do, is to add voice to the sit at home campaign on Anambra election day.

  • abodes_124

    As Kinglsey Ozumba Mbadiwe said let us boycott the boycottables.. All Igbos everywhere stay at home on the 1st of October . Do not celebrate bit cry for a country that could have been.

  • Joy_Rider

    The military have no business invading the Southeast where this no armed conflict foreign or domestic in a democratic dispensation. And it is unfortunate that the southeast governors are coy about condemning this unwarranted unconstitutional military invasion without fear or favor.
    When the governed is oppressed by the government that was supposed to defend and protect them, then they have the unalienable right to self-defense. ‘As God-given right, self-defense is an unalienable right which is incapable of being surrendered or transferred’ to the very government that is oppressive. The government of Buhari must be reminded that he is not a military dictator that uses the military without backing of relevant laws and that “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”. Since the political elites in the Southeast are incapable of rising up to their responsibility and defend the people, The people of the Southeast should rise up and defend their fatherland. Your destiny is in your own hands don’t surrender it to any government that cares less about you.

  • 4T2

    The Nigerian state has failed in its repeated 1967-style of building a 2017 country.

    The whole world is now a globally networed village, unlike in 1967 and are watching a Fulani President using the brute of the state armed forces against unarmed civilians of Igbo community, with sympathy.

    Truly the reality of Biafra Sovereignty is closer than even October 2017, as things stand today.

    Thank you Buhari. You are God-sent for Biafra restoration!

    Nigeria: 0
    Biafra: 2

  • marcos avelino

    Ibos you will get your biyafara but get into the waiting line and be patient. When the tibetans get Tibet from China , or the Kurds get Kurdistan from Iraq , Turkey and Iran , when the Kasmiris get Kashmir from India , when the catalonians get from spain , then the Ibos will get their puny 29,000 sq km land from Nigeria. You may have to wait for eternity. We cant allow your greedy dreamy naive simpletons hoping for a fabled utopia turn this land into liberia or somalia

  • Sarah

    While one sympathises with Ohanaeze’s attempt to defend Igbo interests, one must also make clear that this situation is different.
    The criminality of Kanu/Ipob (SE) is NOT the same as Badoo (SW) or Oil Bunkering (SS).
    Kanu/Ipob’s criminality is secession and our Army was specifically created to crush such threats to our territorial integrity. We did it in 1967/70, so why should we not rise up to the same challenge now.
    Kanu/Ipob’s criminality is comparable to Boko Haram (NE) & Shiites (NW) and in both cases our Army is using maximum force. Civilians, children and women, around the theatre are affected as collateral damage.
    Igbo parents should advise their children and youth to desist from confronting our Army to avoid being treated similar to the Shiites of Kaduna (NW).
    A word is enough for the wise.

    • Jon West

      Boko haram has defeated the Nigerian army of real estate developer “Generals”. IPOB has defeated Nigeria intellectually and politically. Next stop, The Hague and the Sloboan Milosevic treatment for the chief real estate developer.

      • Sarah

        You are allowed to wallow in self delusion. The same mindset that got Ojukwu to do what he did in 1967/70 is what is moving Kanu to lead Igbo to self flagellation.
        He will be re-arrested and sent back to Kuje Prisons where his co-accused have remained and his trial will resume soon.

        • Grelia O

          You are actually the one deluding yourself. You were full of praise for Yorubas and their Ibadan Declaration only last week. That declaration was a praise to the sky for Ojukwu. The objective of the declaration is to achieve what Ojukwu preached 50 years ago at Aburi. The declaration rejects what Gowon and Awolowo shed innocent blood to impose.

          Ojukwu was your punching bag then as Kanu is now. Action speaks louder than words. Bottom line is that you are in reality in agreement more with Ojukwu and Kanu than with Awolowo. In fact, both the Ibadan Declaration and “On Regionalism We Stand” repudiate and indict Awolowo’s civil war actions.

          Imitation being the height of flattery, your praise of an article that mirrors Ojukwu’s ideology on the one hand, and your vilifying him for defending the same ideology, on the other hand, is a classic sign of delusion.

          • matt_0357

            I doubt if Sarah can fully comprehend your thorough analysis, especially the ironies in her positions you so clearly pointed out. Her goddamned congenital anti Igbo disposition probably hinders her ability to make logical statements.

          • Grelia O

            Thanks to our corrupt press, these guys are trying to have it both ways. When will they take responsibility for the backwardness of the past 50 years. They always invoke January 1966, and conveniently forget May 1967.

            Nobody excuses January ’66 and decree 34. However, the structure that sentenced Nigeria to where it is today was passed in May 1967 by the very faction that claims ownership of Nigeria and supreme patriotism. None of them has had the sincerity and courage to acknowledge that what they shed tons blood to do was to destroy a thriving system and economy.

            The decay has been gradual, like a continuum. Difficult to believe ideas have become the norm, and nobody is outraged. Idiots are wondering why there is an Nnamdi Kanu phenomenon. Reasonable people should be wondering, instead, why it took so long to have the Kanu’s to as serious questions.

          • Akaraka

            Aptly lucid and enlightening.

          • Don Franco

            Dear Grelia,

            You’re right on the money! I have been waiting for a whole day for Sarah’s reply to your verity of truth, alas, she disappeared like the coward that she is. I’m sure she will avoid you like the plague for quite some to come…

        • Akaraka

          This man called sarah. lol, your hatred for the Igbos has made you so delusional I can practically see you convulsing on their blood. Maybe you should crawl back to that 1967/70 cave that you refer to and so much want to relive.
          For your info, technology has creeped in to greatly change method of warfare. Be careful what you wish for, it only takes one (just like Kanu) or a committed few. And please don’t underestimate the resourcefulness of over 5 million Igbos scattered all over the world, many in strategic positions and very much aggrieved from the past and of present.
          Watch how you call for the holocaust of another tribe, it might arrive your doorstep, in today’s world there are many surprises.
          Don’t be so heartened by the punyness of Buhari’s Nigerian army, their capacity ends at killing unarmed civilians as we’ve witnessed.
          Don’t celebrate yet, this is just the beginning and Buhari is the right man for the job.

  • Sarah

    While one sympathises E governors & sociocultural groups have got this very wrong.
    There is a CLEAR difference between the criminality of Kanu/Ipob (SE) and Badoo (SW) or Oil Bunkering (SS).
    Ipob’s criminality is secession. Our Army was specifically created to crush any such threat to our territorial integrity. We did it in 1967/70, why should we not rise up to the challenge now?
    The comparable criminals to Ipob are those that our Army is using maximum force against like Boko Haram (NE) and Shiites (NW).
    Igbo parents should keep their children and youth away from confronting our Army or risk being treated like the Shiites of Kaduna (NW).
    A word is enough for the wise.

    • Don Franco

      Dear Sarah,

      We are all awaiting your reply to Grelia O….. it is time to test each other’s IQ.