Teesas Education Promotes Leadership Skills among Children

Funmi Ogundare

School proprietors, educators and other stakeholders converged on Cumberland Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, for Teesas Education’s ‘Leader in Me’ programme, a transformative initiative aimed at fostering leadership and personal development in school learners from an early stage.

The programme, held in collaboration with FranklinCovey Education, focuses on three core areas of school development: culture, leadership, and academics. It enhances student growth by coaching them to lead themselves and others, thereby boosting both personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Speaking with journalists, Mr. Osayi Izedonmwen, Chairman and CEO of Teesas Education, explained that the programme is based on the seven principles of highly effective people. Additionally, Teesas offers curriculum alignment videos and content in local languages via a mobile app.

“In today’s world, we are transitioning from the industrial age to the knowledge economy. To prepare our learners for this new economy, we need to develop their social, emotional, and leadership skills,” Izedonmwen said. He emphasised that in the workplace, social and emotional interactions are often more critical than functional capabilities. “Teaching our learners these skills will significantly prepare them for the workforce,” he added, expressing optimism that school owners will collaborate with Teesas Education to implement this programme across Nigeria. “The more we equip our learners with the right leadership skills, the better it will be for the country. This will eventually have a widespread positive impact. We aim to involve thousands of schools, teachers, and parents. Our unique approach includes engaging parents through our Teesas Education app.”

Justin Permenter, Regional Director of FranklinCovey Education, highlighted a global shift from the industrial age to the knowledge age. He referenced the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs 2023 report, noting that analytical and creative thinking, technological literacy, empathy, active listening, leadership, and social influence are among the most crucial skills for future workers.

Bolanle Adewale, Executive Director of the Learning Place in Lekki, stated that her school has begun integrating the initiative and has already observed notable improvements. Parents have reported enhancements in their children’s skills, including better situation analysis and critical thinking.

Adewale hoped that the entire school community, including staff and parents, would embrace the initiative.

“It is a comprehensive, transformative system that everyone should be part of. It helps bridge gaps, fostering leadership, improvement, and responsibility. Students learn to discipline and correct themselves, which is invaluable. Any school should consider adopting this programme,” she emphasised.

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