Students to Learn Leadership Skills, Academic Excellence Via iLead Programme

Mary Nnah

The Maxwell Leadership Foundation’s iLead programme, implemented in Nigeria through its local offshoot iLead Nigeria, is poised to transform the country’s education sector by equipping students with leadership skills and academic excellence.

The initiative is set to equip the next generation of leaders with the skills and values needed to transform Nigeria and Africa for generations to come.

During its formal launch in Lagos recently, John Griffin, Vice-President of Global Programmes at Maxwell Leadership Foundation, said the foundation is committed to supporting and empowering leadership in Nigeria to ensure the programme’s sustainability.

“We believe that everyone deserves to be led well, and we go where we are wanted. We are excited to support Gbenga Samuel and the team at iLead Nigeria in empowering the next generation of leaders,” said Griffin. “we want to inspire people to help the organisation because we have seen the impact it is having on the students. We have already started meeting with some foundations here to share the vision of the programme along with Gbenga and some other leaders here. We want them to learn to trust us because everywhere I have gone, I know people will show up and then pull out, and that is never our intent.”

Gbenga Samuel, Project Director of iLead Nigeria and a certified coach of the Maxwell Leadership Foundation, said the programme is a game changer for Nigeria.

‘We are already seeing remarkable results from our pilot phase, with students reporting improved self-esteem, academic grades, and leadership skills,” explained Samuel.

Samuel added, “With iLead, Nigeria’s next generation of leaders will be equipped with the skills and values needed to transform the country and the continent for good. The future is bright, and it starts with iLead, a programme of the Maxwell Leadership Foundation’.”

The iLead programme is designed to enhance students’ leadership values, attitudes, and social skills. It enables students to practice leadership skills while taking turns facilitating sessions.

With 16 lessons for 32 sessions in each volume, the programme provides a comprehensive foundation for leadership development. The programme is free of charge to schools, thanks to the generosity of the Maxwell Leadership Foundation.

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