Lagos, Globacom to Co-Host Africa’s Grandest Cycling Fiesta

 Arrangements are in top gear by the telecoms powerhouse, Globacom and the Lagos State Government to host a very impactful cycling fiesta in Lagos.

 The Lagos City Cyclefest, a bikers’ tourney set to become Africa’s largest and most awe-inspiring event, according to organisers, is a collaboration between Lagos State and Globacom, which is not just drawing the eyes of the world but is creating a vibrant mosaic of motion, colour, and competitive spirit that promises to rival the grandeur of the world’s most celebrated cycling tournaments.

It was gathered at the weekend that the final touches are underway as the organisers are preparing to shut down Lagos for the historic biking spectacle. The event is set to rival Europe’s Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a España.

The Lagos City Cyclefest, organised in collaboration with the Lagos State Sports Commission, is not merely an event; it is a celebration of life on two wheels. Designed to inspire active living, revel in the joy of cycling, and showcase the multifaceted beauty of Lagos, this festival encapsulates the city’s indomitable spirit. Each pedal stroke will paint a vivid portrait of Lagos, brimming with energy, euphoria, and a zest for competition. The Cyclefest is an ode to diversity and inclusion, welcoming riders of all ages and skill levels—from elite cyclists chasing the thrill of victory to families seeking a joyful day out.

Analysts said that Globacom and Lagos are on the verge of unveiling the cycling spectacle that promises to captivate a global audience and elevate the city to unprecedented heights of international acclaim as the management of the telecoms giant and the Lagos authorities are on the brink of sealing a partnership that will not only place Lagos on the world stage but also infuse the city with an exhilarating blend of athleticism, camaraderie, and cultural celebration. As the city gears up to shut down its streets for this monumental event, the Cyclefest is set to inspire and challenge, positioning itself as a worthy rival to the world’s most prestigious cycling events.

There is no gainsaying Globacom has established its girth for charitable gestures, both to its immediate and distant publics.

Observers said that by hosting the event in collaboration with the Lagos State government, the sprawling enterprise of billionaire magnate Dr. Michael Adenuga Jr. seeks to reassert its enviable repute as an enterprise with a heart and a human face.  

According to a Lagos-based analyst, Mr. Jide Adeoye, “You can’t but appreciate the range and diversity of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, especially in a period when several businesses are grappling with the odds of commerce in the face of declining gains.”

The organisers explained that the Lagos City Cyclefest is a cycling event designed to celebrate the joy of cycling, inspire active living, and showcase the beauty of Lagos. The event will be organised annually by the Lagos State Sports Commission in partnership with the prospective title sponsor – Globacom.

The cyclefest seeks to epitomise the spirit of Lagos, infusing the city with energy, euphoria, and a dash of competitive fervour. The event will be a celebration of diversity and inclusion, welcoming riders of varying backgrounds, ages and skill levels. 

 From seasoned professionals seeking the thrill of competition to families and friends pedalling together for a fun day out, there’s something for everyone at this cycling festival. The competitive race will be 100 kilometres, while the recreational race will be 20 kilometres.

Globacom, the benevolent titan of telecommunications, continuously shatters the myth of the insatiable corporate giant, embodying the spirit of a selfless giver whose deeds ripple through society like echoes of a harmonious symphony. Time and again, this telecom behemoth, under the visionary guidance of billionaire magnate Dr. Michael Adenuga Jr., has showcased its expansive heart through a myriad of charitable gestures, uplifting both its immediate community and distant publics alike. The forthcoming Lagos City Cyclefest, an embodiment of Globacom’s philanthropic prowess, reaffirms its standing as Africa’s philanthropic powerhouse.

The competitive race will span 100 kilometres, starting from the National Stadium and concluding at the majestic Eko Atlantic, while the 20-kilometre recreational race, commencing at the Lekki Link Bridge, offers an accessible route for amateur cyclists, fitness enthusiasts, and families. As anticipation builds, the event is envisioned as a groundbreaking initiative that will uncover the hidden charms of Lagos, revealing its character and charm in every turn and vista.

Globacom, as the title sponsor, will be prominently featured throughout the event, with its branding adorning bicycles, gear, and promotional materials. This partnership underscores Globacom’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and community engagement, enhancing its brand image and reputation on a global scale. The event promises significant media coverage, drawing attention from local and national outlets, further amplifying Globacom’s reach and impact.

Holding at Teslim Balogun Stadium, the Cyclefest expo will culminate in a grand celebration featuring live performances, cultural displays, and a showcase of Lagos’s rich heritage. Participants will savour local delicacies, enjoy VIP hospitality areas, and experience breathtaking routes highlighting Lagos’s iconic landmarks.

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