How Airtel Partnership Birthed a Digital Product that is Boosting Exam Success

Victoria Ojiako 

Recognising the increasing demand for digital access to education, Airtel Nigeria recently partnered with Roducate, one of Nigeria’s fastest growing edtech startups, to productize digital access via the Airtel Roducate Exam Success bundle, which Roducate CEO Femisola Awosika has now said is delivering exciting results among students across Nigeria. 

Femi Awosika, in a recent interview, highlighted the success of the Bundle in delivering quality education to all students and also emphasized the crucial role of telecommunications infrastructure in making education accessible to everyone.

According to him, “Since the launch of the Airtel-Roducate Exam Success Bundle, we have received great feedback from students, teachers and parents on how resourceful exam success bundle has been and the impact it has had on students’ performance. Numerous success stories have sprung up, highlighting the profound impact of this joint initiative ranging from stories of young nursing students achieving unprecedented success in their exams to determined learners triumphing in tests like JAMB, GCE, BECE and the likes.”

The partnership between Airtel Nigeria and Roducate stands out as a prime example of leveraging technology and collective expertise to redefine how students prepare for their examinations. 

Since its inception, the ‘Roducate-Airtel Exam Success’ partnership has swiftly become synonymous with transformative education solutions empowering learners across Nigeria. It has exceeded expectations, yielding remarkable outcomes for students, educators, and parents.

Beyond establishing partnerships, it is also important to witness and measure its impact, and one of the means to measure this is through testimonials by beneficiaries. In this context, it can be said that the Airtel-Roducate Exam Success Bundle is making impact, gathering from the testimonials shared by Mr. Awosika in the interview.

 “We received a remarkable story of an elderly man who gave the study pack to his driver’s son and returned shortly after JAMB exams filled with thanks and praises to his boss for helping his son finally pass JAMB after two prior unsuccessful attempts. We also have a user who described Airtel Exam Success as having his whole academic life in his pocket. That’s the whole idea of the Airtel-Roducate partnership; making educational success a reality for Students,” he recalled.

He also added that the feedback from students, teachers, and parents have been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the heartening testimonials that attest to the efficacy of Exam Success and these stories speak volumes about the transforming power of accessible education.

Through a combination of accessible study materials, personalized support, and the removal of traditional barriers to education, the partnership between Airtel Nigeria and Roducate has begun heralding a new era of academic empowerment. Central to the success of the Roducate-Airtel Exam Success initiative is the strategic utilization of technology and Airtel’s extensive network to provide students from diverse backgrounds with access to high-quality educational resources. By harnessing the power of digital platforms and mobile connectivity, the partnership transcends geographical constraints, reaching learners in even the most remote areas of Nigeria. 

This partnership has been instrumental in making quality education accessible to every student and as the initiative gears up for upcoming exams each year, the goal remains fixed to equip students with the tools needed to succeed academically and unlock their full potential.

By equipping students with the requisite knowledge and skills to excel in their examinations, the partnership is laying the foundation for a generation of resilient, empowered learners poised to shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Students, parents, educators and stakeholders in the educational spectrum have further been advised to leverage this tested and proven solution for excelling in national examinations including Common Entrance, GCE, BECE, JAMB and others. 

He concluded by saying “the Airtel-Roducate Partnership is a game changer for candidates sitting for National Examinations in Nigeria. With the module, students gain access to a structured 7-day exam study plan individually curated by certified examiners for each national examination which has proven to yield exceptional results. As long as an examination candidate follows their Exam Success plan diligently, the candidate is guaranteed comprehensive readiness for their exams. With this, we are not only contributing to decreasing failure rates but, more importantly, removing the barriers to higher education.”

Together, Airtel Nigeria and Roducate are not merely transforming the educational landscape; they are shaping the destinies of countless students, empowering them to realize their aspirations and chart a course toward academic excellence and beyond.

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