250ml Milk Daily Best for Children’s Growth, Says Nutritionist

Rebecca Ejifoma

A Registered Dietician and Director of Dietetics at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Bolanle Tijani, has recommended the daily consumption of 250ml of milk, an equivalent of two cups, as best for every child’s brain development. 

She shared with THISDAY more insights into the benefits of milk for children. Citing the World Health Organisation (WHO), the dietician noted, “Every child must have a cup of milk that is about 250ml daily. Having more than that is okay.”

Tijani also illustrated that the ideal size of sachet milk is 100ml. “Milk is a whole meal. It has almost all the nutritional values, especially calcium which is good for strong bones.” 

Adding, she highlighted that milk has complete protein. “Milk is classified as a high biological value protein; this implies that the protein will be completely available for the child to utilise.” 

She recommended, however, that a glass cup of milk daily for children helps the brain. Adding, she emphasised that milk contains saturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. “Milk also contains a source of vitamin D and carbohydrates.”

For Tijani, Nigeria can afford milk for every child daily if the government can provide at least two sachets for children to help them grow properly. 

“However, that is not feasible at the moment as some families cannot afford it,” she admitted. 

According to research, milk affords children essential nutrients like calcium, protein, choline, potassium and Vitamin D. Protein and calcium are said to be two nutrients linked to growth status in childhood and puberty

Cancer Research UK also added that these nutrients are said to help develop and maintain healthy bones and teeth and may help to reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

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