Olu of Warri and Amaju Pinnick at the World Cup

That the gentleman, Amaju Pinnick, is an influential international football administrator is not in doubt. His tenure at the Nigerian Football Federation has gone down in history as one of the most remarkable ever. This is why FIFA, the international body, does not joke with him.

At the ongoing World Cup in Qatar, the FIFA Council who is saddled with the totality of the organisation, administration and technical bits of the World Cup have found his competence highly needed, hence their decision to hand over  some very strategic assignments which will impact very positively on the general success of the tournament to him.

It is in this regard, that Amaju facilitated the invitation of one of Nigeria’s most regal and well-regarded traditional rulers- the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III to the World Cup.

Now the Olu is not only well regarded but carries himself with the respect and majesty deserving of his very well-respected throne. The charisma he exudes will just make you fall on your knees without prompting. His height, gait and good looks mark him out as heads and shoulders above mere mortals. The way he walks, talks and carries himself, your head will just be swelling like a balloon.

I got the pictures of the great Olu of Warri, Amaju and the FIFA President and I almost shed tears. The respect the FIFA head honcho gave His Majesty was evidenced in that picture. As a special guest, he carried himself so well that I am sure in the next World Cup, FIFA will ask him to give the opening speech.

It is these kinds of major international PR coups that we need to redeem our tattered image on the world stage I tell you. Well-done my brother Amaju for making this happen and major gbosa to my favourite traditional ruler the immortal Ogiame Atuwatse III for making us so proud.

Kai! My next career, na praise singer. E no easy o.

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