Aviation Top Shot, Allen Onyema, Marches on

When one of his students asked Buddha if he was a god or human, he simply answered that he was always awake while others were sleeping. This simple response by Buddha to an inquisitive student captures the life of Allen Onyema. His name means different things to different people. To some, the name stands for courage, and tenacity, while to others, it means inventiveness, brilliance, and distinction to some others.

Onyema, a sure colossus in the Nigerian aviation industry, is a man of excellence and integrity. He is also a trailblazer, who is fast recreating the sector with ingenuity.

Until 2013, he was relatively unknown by many. But his status changed the moment he founded Air Peace.

Since then, the Anambra State-born aviation expert has shot himself into the league of top aviation players in Nigeria and contributed immensely to the commercial activities of the country’s economy

His profile has continuously been on the rise, not because he loves cheap publicity, but for his leadership qualities, brilliance and mastery which have endeared him to newshounds as well as many across the country.

Though he came to the industry barely eight years ago, he has greatly reshaped the industry, making him a household name. He has become a mouthpiece for airline owners, fighting for their cause as they face daunting challenges in the emerging new world.

While many wonder how he is able to stay afloat, particularly with the current challenges which have overwhelmed some of his contemporaries in the industry, he provided the answer with his ability to think differently. And like Buddha, he stays awake while others are sleeping. Added to this are his uncommon daring spirit and survival instinct.

The trained lawyer’s name would never be forgotten as part of those who have rewritten the story of the country’s aviation sector and launched it onto the global map.

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