Governance at the level of state government in Nigeria is simplistic in its dull splendour as to be a thorough thespian mimic. Or, what does one make of the comical attempt at fooling the general population by having friendly (read “hungry”) news-people and PR operatives put it out in news media outlets that “such-and-such state government” or “such-and-such state governor” desires “to do this” or “to do that” or “to pay pension arrears” or “to liaise with traditional rulers, elders, and stakeholders” or “to build roads” or “to assist farmers” and suchlike “to-to” policy statements? After these well-used lines are captured in print, especially, that is the end the people hear of them.

Policy implemented! Time for the sitting governor to begin to “eye a Senate Seat” and do battle at the same time with a “kingmaker.” More irritating spectacles on the pages of newspapers are presented by those governors who confuse the population further by publishing architectural models of their planned “to-to” projects; these models are grand designs created to make the most of visual impressions.

To the governors and to gullible Nigerians, it is work done in all its majestic accomplishments. Recall the fable about the king who danced stark naked along the major thoroughfare of town whilst holding on to the belief that he was grandly clothed. That king and his subjects made it seem like it was true for them all to believe that non-existence truth. Make-belief!!

Sunday Adole Jonah,

Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State