HRH Aderonke Emerges Olotu Erelu of Iperu Remo

Her Royal Highness, Erelu Sinat Aderonke Agbeke Ijale has now been chosen to be the new Olotu Erelu of Iperu Remo, Akesan land.
The Olotu Erelu is the traditional aristocrat charged with the bearing of the ritual essence of Olotu Erelu and she becomes the custodian of culture and tradition.

As the title denotes, Olotu Erelu Title is the highest female title in every given community and is the traditional head of the women fold in a community (both titled and untitled).

Olotu Erelu (Not necessarily a King’s Mother but) is a mother to the entire community, bears lots of sacrifices on behalf of the community.
Olotu Erelu, may be flanked with both OTUN and or OSI OLOTU ERELU who shall always relate with and take instruction from her.
Olotu Erelu is the Mouthpiece of and intermediary between all Erelus in the community and the Palace.

Olotu Erelu as a knowledgeable titled woman mediates and settles disputes between titled and untitled women in the community and maintains peace and orderliness amongst the Erelus in the community.
Olotu Erelu of Iperu, takes priority over other Erelus and Olotu Erelus in the Iperu community.

One of the most important roles of the Olotu Erelu is whenever a new Oba is about to ascend the throne, Olotu Erelu shall be the person to bless the new king before his installation rites commence and the job of Erelu may be delegated only due to circumstances of health, old age, etc.

Her Royal Highness, Erelu Sinat Aderonke Agbeke Ijale will be crowned the new Olotu Erelu of Iperu Remo by His Royal Majesty Oba Idowu Adeleke Ade Basibo, Odoru V.
The Alaperu Of Iperu on 27th of March 2022.
The coronation ceremony will be holding at the palace of the Alaperu of Iperu.
The role of women in African traditional dynasties can not be overlooked and the elevation of Her Royal Highness, Erelu Sinat Aderonke Agbeke Ijale is a testament to this fact.

Her Royal Highness, Erelu Sinat Aderonke Agbeke Ijale is a born princess of Iperu, Akesan land.

Her life is greatly linked with the early history of her family’s kingdom and her lineal descendants have gone on to serve as the ruling branch of its royal dynasty.
Based on her position as a princess of the land and a noblewoman in the society with great influence and passion for the throne, she was appointed the Erelu of iperu land on the 22nd of April 2012 and has held the title till date.

She serves in this capacity as the ceremonial queen mother and has since served as Erelu for most of her life and holds a position that only princesses from the ruling houses can attain.
Being a powerful and exclusive title for both titled and untitled traditional women in Yoruba Land, the title is reserved for traditionalists and the Isugbo female elders.

When it was realized that female/Erelu Sections of the traditional Institution must be headed by one person, the Title of Olotu Erelu (i.e. Head of Erelus) fashioned and the installation exercise in respect of the title is reserved exclusively as the function of Osugbo headed by Oluwo as ably assisted by Apena in Iledi Osugbo and upon the prior approval of the King who will bless the candidate in the palace after the installation.

Because of her effective leadership abilities, she’s currently serving as the Iyaloja for Gutter/Kosoko/Idumota market.

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