Let me give you guys one story. When we were about to host the command performance of our Play Awo. As we were struggling with the DSS and Protocol people from the Vice President’s office and the Speaker and the Executive Governor of Lagos, that is how one man appear.

He said he was from Senator Ojodu and wanted to know where he would be sitting. I look the man with his shoe like Ikpeazu own and shoo him away. This is us with limited front row seats, struggling to seat VP, Governor, Speaker, their wives, two ex-governors and their wives and this one come say Senator Ojodu nko.

The DSS man, say ‘Please can you excuse us for a second? We needed to get seats for Segun Awolowo’s mum and the elderly Professor Oyediran who were representing the Awo family.
But the man who was clearly under very strict instructions was insistent and they asked him if his principal was holding a cabinet position. The man say, YES. Mbok the DSS man nearly slap am. Na me hold am.

We finally gave the respected Senator a seat just behind the front row and his man huffed and walked away. Can’t remember if he came for the play.

What brought about this long gist is the long statement Chief Ojodu has released on the back of a Tinubu presidency viz-a-viz his position.

As I went through the statement, I could sense the fear even though it was a vain attempt to be bold. I will not support Tinubu the title screamed but in the body of the statement na beg. You know that kind thing na – Tinubu is my egbon, Tinubu married my wife for me, I cannot abuse Tinubu, he is a super human. Even Tinubu himself know that my father was NPN and I was UPN, when Tinubu was in exile, I used to send ‘agege’ bread to his house.

My brother, this is not how they used to do this thing. Take a firm position and stand. Are you for or against Tinubu? Are you for or against Osinbajo. All these a little bit to the left and a little bit to the right grandstanding is not working again. It is what has put us in the position we are in this country today.

Ojodu, where do you stand? If you can’t tell us, let us rest abeg. We don tire.