Emerhor Forum Denies Members’ Defections to PDP in Delta


Sylvester Idowu in Warri

The Founding Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Delta State, Mr. O’tega Emerhor, said yesterday that members of his political group, Emerhor Political Family (EPF,) are intact and still strong in the party.

He debunked insinuations that members of EPF would decamp to the ruling opposition party, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state noting that only a few disgruntled individuals led by the former Deputy State Chairman of APC, Mr. Cyril Ogodo, are the ones defecting.

The 2015 APC governorship candidate in Delta State said the categorisation of the defection of a few “stomach politicians” to the PDP after allegedly receiving cash inducements. as a move by Emerhor Political Family (EPF) to defect is not only laughable but also mischievous and disingenuous.

The business mogul, while reacting to the purported defection of Mr. Cyril Ogodo, Mr. Sylvester Kohwo and a few others to the PDP, said “It is not true that members of the Emerhor Political Family (EPF) are decamping to the PDP as reported, the truth is that only a few misguided and disgruntled individuals are involved.

“Only Mr. Ogodo, Kohwo and a few others who have now become stomach politicians are decamping after allegedly receiving cash inducements as ‘rally mobilisation.

“Emerhor political structures are intact. Hon. Alfred Oloko, is the State Coordinator and Head of the EPF. Ogodo was never the Head. The EPF elders forum is also intact. The Elders Forum is meeting this week to replace Mr. Sylvester Kohwo, the erstwhile chairman. Indeed, I met with these few over this last weekend and after our discussions, it was clear to me that it is greed that is behind their defection,” he said.

He noted that as individuals, they were free to associate with any group or party in their political quest, stressing that it is, however, mischievous for them to try to use the name and clout of EPF to promote themselves in order to up their stake and cash price with PDP.

Emerhor noted further that the defection of a handful of individuals, whose membership of EPF is at best parasitical, does not in anyway diminish the resolve of genuine members of the forum to join other progressives to rescue Delta come 2023.