They have reported that this beauty’s 2022 new year resolution includes amongst others to be found by someone’s son for a lot of sex.

Please Ms. Makinwa, you have found me. I can be found around Shomolu infact on Bajulaiye road near the canal. Check on top of the page and you will see my number.

You don’t have to call me, just flash and I’ll come running to you. Forget that at 52, you will be thinking that I am not at my best. I am an afang eating-porn loving – Akwa Ibom man according to my oga -Ayo Aderinwale who described me like that.

I have years of cognate experience, where I have worked and displayed uncommon skills in these things. I am tireless and jobless so I will be at your beck and call.

Mbok adiagha, look no further for I will cancel all my shows and plays and everything just to serve you and carry your bags.

You people laughing at me have not seen this girl that is why. When she interviewed me at Rhythm FM, I was just staring at the girl o. She fine pass doll baby and I hear she has even gone to do something to increase her butt. Please call meeeee ooooo.
I will cancel election o. Don’t frustrate me o, I will seize all the covid vaccine o. Tokeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!