Apex Honour for Toyin Saraki


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has raised the heads of Nigerians everywhere with an appointment. According to WHO’s notes following the appointment, the person in the limelight, the wife of former Senate President Bukola Saraki, Toyin, is deserving of all such accolades.

Some days ago, WHO appointed Toyin as the WHO Foundation Ambassador for Global Health. This appointment was the global organisation’s recognition of Toyin’s determined and unstinting work in the area of health and empowerment of African women and children.

According to Anil Soni, CEO of WHO Foundation, the effects of Toyin’s decades of work cannot be overlooked. So, in line with the maxim that the best reward for good work is more work, WHO decided to give Toyin a larger platform to do her work. So, as she steps into the position of the WHO Foundation Ambassador for Global Health, it seems as if she was made for this.

There is an old story about a young child who wanted to outrun his peers in a marathon. While practising, he saw an old man who told him, “Keep at it. Stay true to yourself and pursue your dreams. In time, you will succeed.” It is as if that young chap was Toyin, although she seems to have personally dragged out wisdom and understanding about success from her experiences and those of others. Considering her many endeavours and accomplishments in the area of women and adolescent health, this is as it should be.

For donkey’s years, Toyin has committed her time and efforts to the pursuit of health. Even before this appointment, she was hailed as the number one global health advocate in Nigeria. Furthermore, with the platform she founded and presides over, Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Toyin has proved time and again that she is worthy of this title. Now that WHO, the number one advocate for global health in the world, has recognized her worth, what else is there to say?
This is truly the apex of honours for Toyin. Then again, it is fitting.