Aigboje Aig- Imoukhuede-An Enterprising Venture

Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede

Last night as I was going through my mail, I stumbled on an email from my egbon, Aig. I no dey joke with this personality, there is something about his outlook and engagements that sit very well with me.

So, I immediately opened the thing and it was an invite to the launch of his new project – EnterpriseNGR. Now my partner, Lami is supposed to be doing something for them and he has been gisting me about the thing. You know that one like to dey speak big English so as he is telling me, I will just switch off and be wondering when Elvina Ibru will send me this her disappearing Pot of Afang. You know a lot of people will be making mouth that their Afang is sweeter than my Mende woman own or even Duchess own.

So last night, immediately I saw Aig’s name on the mail, I opened it and it was an invitation to the launch. As I read the mail, I became much more interested. According to him, ‘EnterpriseNGR is a professional policy and advocacy group established to promote and advocate for the Financial and Professional Services (“FPS”) sector of Nigeria, with a view to transforming Nigeria into the premier financial services centre in Africa.’

Forget that I respect this egbon too much, this kind of clarity is what is expected in this country at this time. Advocating and engagement certainly leads to pragmatic bridge building between clusters and what could this possibly throw up beyond a sanguine and pragmatic solution to our problems.

It is no wonder that very strong people have thrown in their weights behind this novel idea. Exceptionally brilliant people like Gbenga Oyebode and my all-time favourite Bolaji Balogun amongst others to mention a few are part of this voyage.

By the time you read this, the launch would have held and as at the time of writing, I am torn between a lunch date at the wonderful Echoes of Calabar where their white soup (Afia Efere) can ‘kill’ and attending this obviously very seminal event. I will tell you guys tomorrow.