Electronic Transmission of Results will End Malpractices, Says VON DG

Osita Okechukwu

Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

The Director General of Voice of Nigeria (VON), Mr. Osita Okechukwu, has said that electronic transmission of results would banish electoral banditry at the collation centres.

The Senate Tuesday bowed to pressure from Nigerians and rescinded its earlier decision against Electronic Transmission of election results by INEC.

Okechukwu in a statement issued yesterday commended the Senate, the House of Representatives, civil society organisations and President Muhammadu Buhari for the final process leading to the insertion of electronic transmission of election results in the country’s electoral law.

Okechukwu said: “The insertion of Electronic Transmission of results in our electoral lexicon laws is a fundamental tonic to banish Election Collation Bandits and hence, the extension of our democratic frontiers.”

“This will lead to one man one vote, and renew our fate in elections, as thuggery and ballot snatching will fade away.”

Okechukwu expressed optimism that the President would sign the Electoral Bill into law considering the cordial relationship that exists between the executive and the National Assembly.

He said: “We are going to harvest the fruit of this cordial bicameral relationship now. That’s why one thanked Mr. President along the same line with the legislators, and civil society organisations. I don’t have fears he will sign the bill into law.”