IG Vows to Leave Legacy of ‘Professionalised’ Police

*To punish operatives posting police activities on social media

Bennett Oghifo

Inspector General of Police (IGP), Usman Alkali Baba yesterday vowed to leave a legacy of a truly professionalised police force.
“I want to leave a legacy of professionalised police, a dedicated police force with sincerity of purpose, zeal and courage,” Baba promised during a tour of the Jigawa State Police Command.

The IG, who was appointed in April, also swore to motivate officers and punish the bad ones, stating “I will also reward hardworking officers and punish bad eggs in service. Reward is to motivate, while punishment is to serve as deterrent to others.”

Baba noted that some officers were in the habit of recording classified activities of the force and leaking them on social media, warning them to desist from such act or wait for the dire consequences if caught.

He advised the different commands to adapt to the challenges that confront them, adding that every sector had its challenges and that these should not stop the police from performing.

He said, “It should rather encourage you to do more by devising different means to overcome such challenges. But we will do our best to address them.”
The Jigawa State Police Commissioner, Aliyu Sale, had informed the IGP of challenges such as inadequate manpower, and accommodation, lack of operational vehicles and obsolete communication equipment.

Sale said: “Regardless of these challenges, the command would not relent in fighting crimes, stating that “Jigawa is relatively peaceful. And since my assumption of duty on August 8, I’ve put in place some proactive crime-fighting strategies.

“By the grace of God, Jigawa state will continue to be one of the safest places where inhabitants can sleep with their two eyes closed.”
The relative peace in the state, he said, was sometimes marred by ugly incidences of kidnappings, robberies and murders but that these were being addressed.

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