As I write, the news of the attempted assassination of Prof Charles Soludo is filtering in. Yes, na: what else can we call it but an assassination attempt? We have been told that three security men were killed, and a commissioner was abducted. The prof I hear is safe.

No Nigerian should be exposed to this kind of threat to life talk less of a man of this stature simply because he wants to serve. What kind of jagaja country is this one? The whole thing is unravelling. Society is almost gone.

We are even tired of lamenting because it is becoming almost an everyday occurrence. Shooting, bombing, maiming, kidnapping, and all we get are people wearing camouflage and saying dem be service chiefs or wetin them call themselves. I am tired and fearful. This is not the Nigeria of my birth.

This is not the Nigeria I want to bequeath to my children. This is a jagajaga construct. Why won’t judges be kicking people all over the place and senators be slapping people because he wants to wank and is delayed and nothing? Almost absolutely nothing is done about all this insecurity, but lip service and Garba Shehu press releases? Is this a country?