Landwey Begins ISIMI, First-ever Wellness City in Lagos


By Fadekemi Ajakaiye

Landwey, a real estate development group has announced the commencement of ISIMI, Nigeria’s first-ever wellness and polo city.

The commencement of this project was announced recently at the Landwey Worklab, Lekki-Epe, Lagos.

ISIMI, a Yoruba word which translates to peace of mind is a nature-inspired model which lays the foundation for economic development of the Lagos Metropolis.

ISIMI Lagos is situated on 124 hectares of Land on the North side of the Lekki Lagoon, which is a significant confluence between technology, architecture, and nature.

The CEO Landwey, Mr. Olawale Ayilara stated that ISIMI would be a living experience like none other. “As soon as you walk in, you’ll just be able to feel your stress melt away,” he said.

ISIMI also signals a motion towards turning Nigeria into a new international destination on the continent’s tourist map, he said.

He stated that in a city that thrives majorly on a teeming population and vibrant demography, ISIMI Lagos presents a timely invention and escape from the hustle and bustle of Lagos living.

“The establishment offers both work and living spaces emboldened with high-speed internet and uninterrupted power to boost the efficiency of the residents, and an eco-friendly transportation system – with hybrid electric vehicles and bicycles, great for an active lifestyle,” he said.

He stated that the Avant Garde edifice will include highly activated properties with renewable energy, plus an animal conservation park, Golf Course, recreational center, tech valley, helipad, forestry, farm shop, spa, hiking paths, gym facilities and more.

“ISIMI Lagos will dramatically alter what we currently consider the norm in Lagos,” Ayilara said.

“Apart from the endless opportunities ISIMI Lagos provides, the city also comprises a standard polo turf with a stable that houses some of the world’s best horses, providing a state-of-the-art riding experience,” he said.

ISIMI is a utopia for sports lovers. The city provides a standard polo turf with a stable that houses some of the world’s best horses and being surrounded by kilometers of riding trails provides a state-of-the-art riding experience. The golf course is designed to thrill both the pros and the beginners and would make residents fall in love with the game.

“ISIMI Lagos is characterized by a theme of wellness and picturesque scenery of the city. It is family-friendly with an all-natural lake which can be used for family-oriented activities such as kayaking, picnics and outdoor play dates,” he said.

Ayilara stated that ISIMI comes with sophisticated meeting rooms and workspaces located within the tech valley and equipped with high-speed internet and uninterrupted power boosting efficiency as well as a suitable place which is effective for intellectual activities.

ISIMI provides eco-friendly means of transportation such as hybrid electric vehicles, bicycles, a wide road network within the city, which makes transporting easy. It provides unconventional means of transport, like the marina and a helipad, for residents who prefer to fly or cruise.

“With a remarkable diverse lifestyle within nature and an ecosystem to meet high-quality life in addition to a large-scale and world-class hospitality industry, ISIMI Lagos will not be merely a recreational location but a top city, business, and luxury product in Nigeria,” he said.