The last I heard from my brother, the legendary comedian, was when he came out of the isolation centre. He had a harrowing experience as self-narrated on many media outlets. We disagreed on some fundamentals regarding the handling and management of the pandemic in Nigeria. We were on opposing sides, and I wrote a scathing commentary on his position.

By morning, he had blocked me, and I didn’t have access to my brother of over 20 years. We went to the same secondary school o and his wife, Mummy Mary, is my sister. If I was very sure that I would continue to have Mummy Mary’s afang without settling with Alibaba, I will just ignore him and continue the fight.

But seeing the kind of love between these two, an attack on one is an attack on the other. So since Mummy Mary’s afang is one of the best in Lagos, I cannot risk it. So Great Alibaba, I am sorry, please take me back, and it is not because of the afang but because of the genuine love I have for you as a brother. Mbok, don’t vex, can you forgive me before Saturday so that I can make it in time for Mummy’s Sunday afang. Thank you. Make all of una follow put mouth.