Abisola Kola-Daisi Celebrates 40th Birthday across the Sea


Age 20 is coming out of adolescence, and age 50 is stepping out of youth. At 30, the clock hands run a bit faster. It is at age 40 that life truly embraces you. This is as true for Abisola Kola-Daisi as it is for every other person, but the enchanting businesswoman and Fashion Lady has decided that a trip outside the familiar green and brown of Nigeria is not bad.

News reaching us at the news and media corner is that Lady Abisola Kola-Daisi (alias ABI-KD) has taken her 40th Birthday celebration overseas. The lifestyle Queen is no longer holding back from the little delights of life, and so a change of scenery is essential. And when best to rouse oneself to more happiness than a Birthday? So all is well and waxing for the lady, although things appeared heart-rendingly grim some months back.

No one expected the oak of the Ajimobi family’s sudden death, Senator Isiaka Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi. It took months for the shock of the former Oyo governor’s passing to wear off, but even then, his daughter (Abisola Kola-Daisi) and the rest of the household held on to a ghostly hope that it was a simple nightmare. But it wasn’t, and so Kola-Daisi fell from her perch of formerly-unbroken rapture and remained down.

Her daddy’s death encouraged her to see past old grievances and mend her relationship with her sister-in-law, Fatima Ganduje-Ajimobi. It was the impact of her daddy’s death that led folks to believe that life had changed for the brilliant Abisola Kola-Daisi, style genius and practitioner, Mistress and Madame of Florence H, luxury retail entrepreneur, and a personality of national and industry renown. This is the same Abisola Kola-Daisi that is vacationing overseas, 40 years of age and 40 shades of new brilliance and newer grace. What a relief!