Dangote Promises to Protect Shoreline, Fishing Activities in Lekki Communities


Dangote Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemicalsyesterday reiterated its commitment to protecting the shorelines and fishing activities in Lekki coastal environment, thereby allaying the fears of fishermen and other residents in the area.

The company said its Dangote Jetty has been constructed with Sandbar Breakwater technology, which is a unique concept that follows the building-with-nature philosophy.

According to Dangote, the Sandbar Breakwater is capable of reducing coastal erosion and protecting the shorelines by interrupting wave energy, and allowing sand to accumulate along the coast.

General Manager (Survey), Dangote Oil Refining Company Limited, Mr. Rajnish Kumar Gupta, who spoke on behalf of the Head, Maritime and Ports Infrastructure, Dangote Oil Refining Company Limited, Capt. Rajen Sachar, described the concept as based on the knowledge and principles of the local natural system and its dynamics, which makes optional use of the ecosystems available.

He said the concept does not interfere with wild-life and fishing activities in the coastal areas. “Sandbar Breakwaters don’t interfere with wildlife habitats. They may change how wave transmission energy occurs, but this doesn’t change the fact that animals will still have a place that they can call home,” he added.

Sachar stated: “A conventional breakwater that consists of rock would lead to fast coastline advance at the west side, ultimately burying the expensive rock and thereby losing its function. The Sandbar Breakwater is designed as such that it mostly consists of sand. The Sandbar is morphologically dynamic and nature shapes it to an equilibrium stable profile. It minimises the use of hard materials (rock) and thereby makes optimal use of locally available materials. The Sandbar profile ensures a continuous safe and calm harbour basin.

A small scale sand engine at the down drift side of the port (East) temporarily mitigates the coastal retreat. Continuous down drift coastline retreat is an inevitable part of a construction of a port. This can be mitigated by the deployment of a sand engine from time to time.”

He explained that Sandbar breakwater makes optimal use of the ecosystems available.

“Breakwater is an artificial offshore structure protecting a harbour, anchorage, or marina basin from water waves. Breakwaters intercept longshore currents and tend to prevent beach erosion and by changing wave direction, which reduces longshore drift. Breakwaters are barriers built offshore to protect part of the shoreline. They act as a barrier to waves, preventing erosion that can impact on communities,” he added.