Nigerians Charged to Pray Against Insecurity

Nigerians, irrespective of religious persuasions have been charged to obtain religious fasting, as an antidote to duly arrest their problems or challenges whatsoever, more importantly as an antidote against crime, with such a very great sacrificial love, kindness and soberness in their relationship with God and Mankind.

They were assured of God’s unlimited mercy and profound appreciation in such regards as a genuine means of soberness to his dictates, thereby maintaining holiness, respect for human lives and constituted authority, to make the universe the very best to happily live in at all times, as well as to make Nigeria the very best to happily live in.

These remarks were contained in the Sermon of the Archbishop of Lagos Methodist Church Nigeria, His Grace, the Most Revd. Dr. Isaac Ayobami Olawuyi, marking the 2021 Annual Ash Wednesday Devotional Service at the Wesley Cathedral Olowogbowo Lagos.

Reiterating on the highlight of the 40-day Sojourn Fasting of the Suffering and the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ especially on the Cross of Calvary the eminent seasoned cleric, charged the entire universe especially the Christians world over, to permanently renounce from sins, as well as to be genuine light bearers of Christ, in their respective callings and also in their thoughts, words and deeds, with the ultimate sober reflections to God and mankind, through which all their hitherto crooked ways and sins, would definitely be straightened, corrected and forgiven, while charting a bright new calling and discipline of a better secured fulfilled tomorrow of God’s grace and honour in their respective disciplines at all times.

Reiterating on God’s love genuinely in Mankind the Archbishop of Lagos, quoted from several Biblical Injunctions to heartily plead with the Congregation and other Nigerians at large, to be very fervent in their continued prayers for a lasting enduring peace in the Nation and the World over, for a very sober reflection of their relationship between God and Mankind, as well as urged the Leaders in authority, to genuinely rule with the fear of God, especially with the adequate provisions and repairs of the obsolete Socio-Economic Infrastructures along with improved and adequate Job Opportunities for all, especially for the Youths to stem down the incessant chaos, ravaging the Nation all over.

To this end, the Archbishop Dr. Isaac Olawuyi, however pleaded for such a healthy synergy between all, especially to dutifully flush out the unfortunate criminal Fulani Herders and other Insurgents, militating against the Nation’s continued peaceful co-existence at all times.
Archbishop Dr. Olawuyi therefore congratulated the teeming Christians and globally on such a rare religious Landmark, as well as also charged them on the need for a worthy roadmap for a very meaningful working relationship between God and Mankind at all times.

Concluding in his words at the Sermon, the Archbishop professed “Lent is a period for all Mankind, more importantly, Christians, to willingly submit to the Lord Jesus, to humbly rededicate yourself to God. It is a time to deliberately deny yourself of some pleasures of life, to seek the face of God in prayers. It is also a time to sacrifice for others in good works, it is also a time to show mercy to others and also help the needy.” he pleaded.
Highlight of the service were the Administration of Ashes on the Congregation’s forehead, as well as the holy Communion, to conclude the service.

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