Nigeria must continue to vote down pressure from the United States to legalise homosexuality, writes Sonnie Ekwowusi

Conversely, female students who claim that they are males could likewise compete together in sports with male students irrespective of their biological sex. Also any male or female student can use any bathroom/locker room he or she prefers irrespective of his or her biological sex and even if his or her education records or identity documents indicate otherwise. Additionally, any male student who considers himself a female irrespective of his biological sex can easily walk into a female bathroom and shower together with the girls there. Conversely, any female student who considers herself a male irrespective of her biological sex can now freely walk into a male bathroom and shower together with the boys.

Mind you, apart from gender identity called transgender, there are other 112 gender identities recognized in New York City and other cities. For instance, there is the “gender neutral”, that is, persons who are neither male nor female. There is also the “aero gender”, that is, persons who claim that their gender fluctuates with their surroundings. There is also the “gender fluid” or “gender flux”, that is, persons alleging that their gender is in permanent flux. For example, in one month they could claim to be males and in another month they could claim to be females. There is also the “demi gender” that is, persons who claim that they are partially male and partially female. There is also the “adamas gender”, that is, persons who cannot be categorized either as male or female. Right now in Alberta, Canada and in some parts of the West employers of labour are barred from asking their employees to disclose their sex or gender or stating specifically whether they should be addressed as “Mr.” or “Mrs.” or “Miss” or “Ms.” or any other thing. Employers of labour who violate this “human right” of their employees stand the risk of being dragged to the law court. There is also the “amica gender”, that is, persons who claim that their gender changes depending on which friend they are with at a particular time.

Is the world finally coming to an end? How can you rationalize the above anthropological cataclysm? How can you justify the blurring of the natural and scientific differences between a man and a woman? How can you explain that a President of a country can issue a directive to the effect that male and female students should be bathing together all in the name of eliminating gender discrimination in sporting competition? Yes, Obama did it. As U.S. President, he directed that male and female students in the U.S. should be allowed to shower together. Obama also legalized bestiality among American soldiers. Following the aforesaid Obama legacy, the U.S department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights had ordered a certain all-female-school in the U.S to allow a male student who dressed like a girl to shower together with the female students of the school. However, the Trump-Pence administration revoked the corruptive Obama bathroom policy mainly on ground that Title IX covers sex but not gender identity. But in his first day in office, President Biden quickly reinstated the Obama bathroom policy. Mr. Biden has also appointed Ambassador Samantha Power, a well-known Lesbianism, Gay, Bi-sexualism, Trangenderism, Queer behaviour, Intersex and others (LGBTQ1+) advocate to head the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in other to weaponize U.S. foreign assistance to promote abortion, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) agenda in African countries.

To that effect, Mr. Biden has recently issued a threat to the effect that Nigeria and other countries must legalize LGTBQI+ failure for which they will incur the wrath of the U.S., to wit, lose U.S. diplomatic and assistance tools and will suffer U.S. financial sanctions and visa restrictions. This is a violation of Nigeria’s territorial sovereignty under international law. So, Nigeria should just ignore Mr. Biden. By virtue of section 4(1) (2) of the 1999 Constitution, only our National Assembly is empowered to make laws that conform to the aspiration of Nigerians. Biden has no right to interfere in the way we run our country or enact our laws. If the U.S. or any other country is bent on stopping giving us financial assistance simply because we have outlawed LGTBQ1+ in Nigeria, that country can go ahead. But what Nigeria must not do is to legalize LGTBQ1+ simply to please Mr. Biden who appears very confused.

What is unfolding before our eyes is the decline of American civilization. Bill Clinton used the White House to resolve his complex pelvic issues. Obama converted the White House into a Rainbow House. He made June the Gay Pride month. He legalized bestiality or sex with horses (beasts) among American soldiers. For the first time in the history of America, an American gay envoy was appointed and gay office opened for the purpose of homosexualization of the world. As we anticipated, the Biden-Harris administration has continued where Clinton and Obama stopped. Already Biden has reinstated abortion, safe-sex, lesbianism, homosexualism, bestiality, queerism, transgenderism, beast-genderism, bi-sexualism, beast-sexualism, male and female students bathing together as the centre-piece of American foreign policy.

Politics, it is said, is the expression of culture. If democracy must lead to true human flourishing it must transcend political experiment. This is because democracy is more than a political experiment: it is also a moral enterprise – an effort to shape public life by imbibing those communally-binding ideals made available by culture which, in fact, are religious in nature. So, man is man because he recognizes supernatural realities not because he enjoys favorable U.S. immigration policies or allowed by Mr. Biden to secure a U.S. visa or to travel to the U.S. In his classical essay entitled: Second Thoughts About Humanism, which, in fact, is a literary criticism of Mr. Norman Foerster’s Humanism (against the background of the Humanism of Professor Irving Babbitt), T.S Elliot writes; “If you remove the word ‘human’ and all that the belief in the supernatural has given to man, you can view him finally as no more than an extremely clever, adaptable, and mischievous little animal.” Studies on the rise and fall of civilizations show that most civilizations have fallen owing to combinations of factors which obviously include the collapse of communally-shared moral values which are the superstructures for the building of societal ethos. For example, empires such as Greece under Pericles; Rome under Caesar; France under Napoleon; Germany under Hitler and others had collapsed due to a combination of political and moral corruption. In fact, the Roman Empire collapsed under the weight of moral corruption.

It is obvious that the U.S. is tottering on the brink of collapse under the weight of moral corruption. This is why Nigeria and other African countries must not legalize LGTBQ1+. Nigeria must not jettison her rich social, cultural and religious heritage in preference for immoral foreign lifestyle and sexual perversity. As I earlier said, Nigeria should ignore Mr. Biden. The consensus reached at the various United Nations Conferences, is that all policies and action programs of every country must conform to the diverse social, economic and environmental conditions of the country, with full respect for their religious, cultural backgrounds and philosophical convictions.

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