Dotmac Broadband: Elevating Landscape of Fibre Optics Internet in Nigeria

Rebecca Ejifoma

While many companies populate the nation’s commercial capitals, Abuja and Lagos, with various coverage packages availing these technologies, Dotmac Technologies Limited has begun driving innovation, making technology perform in its ‘glory mode’ for its clients.

According to the CEO, Micheal Ayoade, Dotmac Technologies Limited began pioneering a legacy of delivering affordable high-speed Internet access to subscribers in the Abuja environment where it began operations.

“In over 13 years, it has expanded its tentacles to cover Network services, IT security solutions, Physical security and Cloud services, vital to Nigeria’s business communities,” he expressed.

Backed by global US-based firm, Cogent, this tech forerunner has been able to incorporate top-level affordability with efficient deliverability; as it also includes a pro-bono project management approach to all its services.

Part of it features include premium Internet speed, and unlimited downloads that transcends virtual experience beyond boundaries. These and many more premium features prides the firm as a leader in the market.

Dotmac Technologies continue to house its base in Abuja, for now, as Fibre Optics Internet patiently outgrows its infancy in only major Nigerian cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt.

While national issues revolving around poor regional planning, insecurity, among others, might slow this expansion, hope is near, the Federal Government has already begun facilitating the growth of Fibre-optics Internet services, by reducing levies imposed on telecoms firms, specifically Right of Way charges.

On why Dotmac Technologies Limited Is Interested in Fibre Optics, Ayoade outlined that
the Covid-19 pandemic flicked on “Our searchlights on fibre optics Internet, which essentially offers the fastest, most reliable and secured Internet connectivity”.

Consequently, Dotmac Technologies is dedicated to growth with an interest in the internet space going as far back as 2004.

He adds: ” It identified a problem in the internet space and after careful research into the quality and efficiency of the fiber optics system, decided to make use of fiber optics technology to provide internet service that you can bank on.”

With over a thousand subscribers – both homes and businesses – Dotmac continues to make an impressive run as one of the forerunners of Fibre-optics tech.

As the pandemic continues to reorient “Our lifestyles for good, Dotmac’s Broadband Internet services continue to provide relief for countless subscribers,” says Ayoade.

While its services are still based in Abuja currently, there is no doubt that Dotmac’s efficient packages would become a household name among all Nigerians.

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