Ibe Kachikwu

By the time you read this, the erudite scholar would have completed his book launch with the President as Special Guest. I have asked to be given the opportunity to review the works and he has agreed.

You see, why I like him is the way he reacted to an unsavoury attack I once launched on him on this page. You see, some people when I yab them, they will be calling me in the midnight and say oya come and fight. Others will say oh boy why you dey yab me like this, but he was different, he called and asked for my address so he will send the books I had called ‘Jehovah witness track’ for me to read and review.

I took him up on his challenge and he sent me four of the books. My people when I saw the books, I call my guy, Sam Aiboni, lawyer and oil and gas activist to come read, me I no get power. I be no too understand the English.

Sam finished reading the books and no gree return them till today, last I went to his office na so he keep the books proudly for him shelf like say he buy am. The one I kept and read was such an enormous work on the legal structure governing petroleum law.

Although it is not my field as the only law in that sector that I really care about understanding is the one that keeps the price of fuel stable and the one that allows my people in Eket where Mobil is located to get employment and compensation for oil spill. Well done, sir and more power to your elbow. Please secretly send me the books cos I know that once Aiboni see am now, he go come again. Kai.