So last night, I walked up to Duchess and said, please stop listening to this Pastor Odukoya – that is the South African wife of my pastor, Pastor Odukoya. All these female pastors are not helping my case, I want you to have a new mentor and she is Aisha Yesufu. Duchess looked up at me with her big eyes and said why. I showed her the BBC clip where Aisha was saying that she used to give her husband any style he want o, that what else is she doing.

Duchess anytime will be using me to negotiate IMF conditions. Anytime I want, she will say – ehnn Ini you have not replaced the fridge in the BQ, Ini my mother’s anniversary is next month, Ini I am owing Folake next door, I took four shoes. After meeting all the requirements, she will say, ‘Ini go and bath and bath well, wash behind your ears, Ini let the children sleep first, Chantal might walk in. when I say oya come on top and face the wall.

She will scream, ‘God forgive you. Where did you learn all of this? It is not Christian-like. Shame will be catching me and I will say sorry. Then the one that used to pain me the most is she will call by 5pm and say, I am starting fasting by 6pm if you can’t come now that is it for the next 90 days. How will I rush from Ikoyi to Shomolu in traffic and still get home before curfew? You see how these pastors let me call them names abeg, I have suffered enough – the greatest culprit na Pastor Mrs. Odukoya, her husband Pastor Odukoya, GO of Redeemed, Baba Shiloh and recently one Baba Apostolic in Ibadan. That one is on YouTube o. They are the ones affecting my sex life. So, you see why Aisha must move in very quickly and dislodge these people before I start to experience power failure o. At 51, I no get time again o and someone will come and be rationing it. I will cheat o.

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