You know you have to be careful when addressing elders otherwise, they could use early morning mouth and curse you and in this time of covid-19 where will you see Shiloh to go and remove the curse? This is why I will not say, ‘Sir common go and sit down’ but will say, ‘Sir, kindly do take a seat’.

He has just thanked the President for snubbing the East in his present appointment of Service Chiefs. You see, when we are praying for meritocracy and professionalism in these things, others are still carrying old fashion ‘na my turn’ and be causing confusion in the land. There were only four positions to be filled.

There are six geographical regions and Chief Nwodo wants us to go and carry the Igbo man who may just be at the next army checkpoint and make Service Chief so that there will be balancing. But do you blame him? NO because every other tribal warlord in his shoes will say the exact same thing if they woke up in the morning and found out that their latest herdsman tribesman or their Sunday Igboho didn’t make the list. Na the same crap they will be spewing. God help us.

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