Sujimoto Construction Boss, Sijibomi Ogundele’s Winning Strategy


For many business organisations and entrepreneurs, the year 2020 had come with a bagful of disappointments occasioned by the COVID 19 pandemic.

But for Sijibomi Ogundele, the Managing Director Sujimoto Construction Company, an upscale real estate firm, 2020 was not a totally unpleasant experience, as he was able to navigate through the turbulent waters.

Unlike some of his competitors, he managed to gain the trust of his clients and also delivered on his promises to investors whom he offered 400 percent return on investment in two years, the first of its kind in business investment in the country.

It will be recalled that many had expressed doubts about the authenticity of the projection, claiming he could not achieve it with the current economic situation.

But the ‘motomatics’ originator once again showed his wizardry by proving naysayers wrong; he backed his projection with visible, convincing, and laudable facts.

As most countries in the world have switched to smart and automated homes, Sujimoto is making sure Nigeria is not left behind by bringing smart luxury to every Sujimoto-erected architectural masterpiece gracing the skyline of Nigeria and by extension Africa.

For instance, his Guiliano by Sujimoto residence in Banana Island, home to pop star, Davido, is a wonder to behold.
According to projections from experts and analysts, in the next five years, the brand Sujimoto, would be ranked as one of the top five luxury real estate firms in the world.

Also, the Leonardo by Sujimoto in Banana Island, Lagos, is another concrete evidence of luxury and comfort.
Society watch gathered that the company has also taken a long journey to the nation’s capital city, Abuja, where it will be erecting the ‘Queen Amina by Sujimoto’.

The luxury twin tower will be erected in the heart of Maitama, Abuja. In addition, Sujimoto is also creating 1,200 luxury apartments named the ‘Sujimoto Diamond City’.

The city will also boast 98,000sqm office spaces, 2 five-star hotels, 20,000-seater conference hall, 10,000 car parks, high-tech hospitals, sports centre/gym, independent power supply centre, and many more.
Those close to him revealed that he achieved the feats based on his wonted tenacity and doggedness. Perhaps, the sterling qualities have enabled him to rise above the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Interestingly, in recognition of his sterling performances in the sector, and given that he is adjudged as the most-sought-after luxury property merchant in Nigeria, he was awarded the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’, by Vanguard Newspapers.

According to the organizers, he was bestowed with the award for his outstanding contributions and resilience in business; standing as an agent of hope for the youth demography in Nigeria.

Recently, Ogundele signed a deal to build ‘Queen Amina of Zaira By Sujimoto’, one of the nation’s Treasure House also located in Abuja, with a touch of the medieval and modern northern building pattern fitted with Arabian luxury housewares.