Vinci Hair Clinic Introduces FUE Transplants for Bald People

Rebecca Ejifoma

Vinci Hair Clinic, Africa’s foremost hair restoration company, has unveiled a new hair transplant procedure for individuals living with hair loss across the continent.

The new procedure, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is a permanent treatment solution used to remedy hair baldness and thinning in both men and women.

FUE is described as a minimally invasive hair transplant surgery where singular follicular units from healthy donor areas are placed in thinning or balding areas.

In contrast to the common Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), with the FUE the scar is barely noticeable.

The Africa Regional CEO, Vinci Hair Clinic, Ayo Otubanjo, said, “Vinci is excited to be the first hair restoration company offering this revolutionary procedure in West Africa; thereby bringing Nigeria to the limelight.”

The CEO further outlined that the introduction of this new service is consistent with their vision to provide Africans with world-class hair restoration solutions locally.

He emphasised: “Nigerians can now stop travelling outside the country for hair loss treatments.”

For over six years, Vinci Hair Clinic says it has successfully treated over 2000 people living with hair loss using FUE, FUT, Micro Scalp Pigmentation, PRP therapy among others.

However, the CEO noted that FUE has been chosen as a more efficient method for individuals who need a small number of grafts in their hairline.

Otubanjo enthused that the process is carried out under local anesthesia, leading to a painless procedure which leaves no linear scar in the transplant area, unlike the FUT.

He added: “FUE is a more modern technique where a part of the donor area is shaved, then strands of hair are individually cut off by making circular incisions around them following which extracted grafts are inserted into holes created in the bald area.”

Vinci Hair Clinic is a global hair restoration brand comprises 40 clinics in 14 countries across six continents worldwide, with extensive experience in restoring hair loss.

In Africa, its clinics are in Lagos, Abuja and Accra. Treatment options range from medication to surgical and non-surgical procedures in the treatment and restoration of hair.

With its clinics at the forefront in Africa, it continues to offer unique hair restoration solutions such as Hair Transplants, Micro Scalp Pigmentation and other procedures.

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