COVID-19: Dochase Moves To Help Businesses Adapt

Digital technology company, Dochase, has introduced products that helps businesses navigate through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the heat of the pandemic in 2020, Dochase added WhatsApp Chatbot, rewards systems and customer data builder, “these are aimed at helping businesses acquire and retain customers.”

The statement remarked that the Dochase WhatsApp Chatbot, is an innovative product that enables businesses connect directly with the right audience online, simulating conversations between the business and the customer on WhatsApp and build closer relationship between businesses and customers.

According to the statement: “Your customers do not have to come to you directly at your office and you don’t have even have to own a website anymore to interact directly with them.

“With the WhatsApp Chatbot, the bot will help you take orders and make sales. And the processes is not as complicated as you’d think. All that is required is that you enroll the bot, run adverts, and convert advertising response to buying customers. It gets more interesting.

“Your payment processes can be automated saving both the business and the client the hassle of dealing with offline payment. The time has never been more right to roll in the WhatsApp Chatbot.

The statement by the organisation said Dochase technology enables businesses run all marketing projects from a centralized platform.

The statement explained that the platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to target advertising messages to users on thousands of websites, apps, Facebook, Google and mobile phones, “while they have reach to 97% of the people on the internet.”

The statement further stated that the superior AI targeting ability help businesses identify their customer in the crowd and target their advertisement to them in form of banners, interactive rich media, native or in banner videos.

“The Dochase rewards system enables businesses deliver incentivized advertising campaigns, build customer loyalty, generate leads and automatically send rewards to target customers. The rewards can be airtime, data subscription our shopping vouchers.

“The agency platform by Dochase enables advertising agencies create and manage their individual customer advertising campaigns on internet.

“With great features like account management, google targeting, Facebook integration in addition to the wide reach of Dochase, this provides all the agencies need for media buying, performance campaigns and reporting.

“Putting it together, businesses can build a database of loyal customers, past and present user, potential audience and use that for advanced customer engagement and continuous marketing.

“Since its launch years ago by its founder Chibuike Goodnews, Dochase has been assisting businesses with innovative marketing goals. They are charged towards helping businesses understand how their advertising spend is impacting on their overall business objectives. This coupled with several other factors made them to adopt continuous innovation in products, service standards and deliverables.”

The Chief Operation Officer at Dochase, Mr. Saint-Germain Onwukeme, revealed that the WhatsApp Chatbot uses deep AI to take out the complex sales funnels, stating that it makes conversion possible with only few clicks, interestingly; you would think it is a one size-fits-all thing, but you would be wrong to assume that.

Continuing, the statement added: “Let’s be honest, this is a time where businesses need to opt for digitalized means of running their businesses. The pandemic hit hard and that isn’t anyone’s fault. The ball is however in your court when it comes to your business shutting down because it cannot operate physically. Dochase is the preferred partner for businesses to disrupt themselves before being disrupted by external factors.

“It is understandable that not every business can be operated virtually. Take for instance transportation companies. However, if your business is not amongst these set, and you have yet to move digital, then you need to reconsider. How long the pandemic is going to last, we can’t say but what we can say is that this has become our new normal and adjusting to it may seem challenging. Every sector is doing what it can to help ease whatever impact of the pandemic has caused. In the business sector, Dochase has taken the lead.”

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