Osagie Ehanire – Are You on Vacation?

Bro, it looks like you have travelled to an exotic beach with your family for vacation while your house is on fire. While wearing shorts there and displaying your bow legs, your colleagues in the medical world have all gone crazy with mercantilism. Are you not seeing the crazy bills they are giving Nigerians to save their lives? I have seen someone holding a bill of N36m and another N20m and they are both wondering if it was not better to have just stayed at home to fight this covid with orogbo and kai-kai.

My dear health minister, your doctors have all gone rogue and their association is just there announcing with glib the death of their colleagues and joining moribund NLC to be looking for a minimum wage instead of them to fight for common PPE for their colleagues nationwide. What is the matter with these people? Are they mad or something? Can’t they see that this pandemic is taking us out?
They now form themselves into a band of medical mercenaries and charging N200,000 per home visit. Mr. Minister, you are even charging VAT for the COVID-19 test! What is the matter with you? Oga, please, I really don’t want to be abusive and insulting but I am really struggling to hold myself.

I do a COVID-19 test for my son and I was charged VAT” VAT! After the N50,000. So if I am testing for my whole family of seven how much will I pay and now you will be saying Nigerians are not testing? Why would they test when the cost of testing can cure Ebola in Liberia? Stories abound of all sorts of unethical play by your people, selling negative results, changing positive to negative.

Some even pay to get positive so they can go on a 14-day leave. My brother, I don’t know what you are doing o but it looks like you no dey house. With only about 20,000 active cases and we are shouting tsunami. If a country of 200 million people cannot provide adequate care for 20,000 people then our problem no be COVID-19 at all. Covid just take advantage. Our problem dey somewhere else. Oga, please come back from vacation and sit up. Thank you.

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