The Stupidity in Demolishing the Alleged Venue of Kaduna’s Sex Party



On New Year’s Eve, which was on Thursday, December 31, 2020, the Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai, gave an order for the immediate demolition of a restaurant that was falsely alleged to be the venue of a prank Kaduna Sex Party. This was contained in a tweet by the Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Agency.

After public outcry, the Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Agency, which released the statement, made a U-turn and said that though they had initially claimed that the building was demolished, without notice, for being the venue of an alleged sex party that never held, that was no longer their stance.

Their new stance is that the building did not have proper permits, so they demolished it without notice.
I traced Mrs Aisha Mercy Yakubu, the woman entrepreneur, whose Asher Restaurant was demolished, and she informed me that everything the Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Agency said was false.

In truth, she is the wife of the spokesman of the Kaduna state Peoples Democratic Party, and her husband has been critical of Governor Nasir El-Rufai, and there has been animosity between them for a while.
She further told me that there was no real or imagined sex party scheduled for her restaurant. Moreover, who in their right minds holds a sex party in a restaurant?

She then informed me that when she was detained by the police, it was her who gave the police money to trace the youngster who published the online flyer, and that the youth, one Marvellous Akpan, revealed that the whole thing was a harmless prank.

Moreover, Section 79 of the Kaduna State Urban and Regional Planning Law, 2018, which was signed by Governor El-Rufai himself, provides that a building cannot be demolished without notice to the owner, and without opportunity for a defence.
Yet, without warning, and without any cogent reason (as is clear by the u-turn from the Kaduna Government), Asher Restaurant was demolished, leading to Mrs Aisha Yakubu losing her pregnancy.
After what happened to the building housing the restaurant, which was not even the venue of the alleged ‘sex party’ (the whole thing was a prank), I cannot imagine anybody in their right mind wanting to invest in Kaduna as long as Nasir El-Rufai is Governor!

The whole thing is ludicrous. It just shows the total absence of the rule of law in Kaduna. Not that I support sex party (God forbid), but even if it is true that a sex party was to be held at the venue (it is not true), are sex parties illegal in Nigeria? The same country where a serving Senator married a 13-year-old?
If sex parties should lead to demolition, then Nasir El-Rufai’s son’s house should be demolished. We all saw when the young man threatened to gang rape an Igbo man’s mother and pass her around to his friends. That is even worse than a sex party. That is a rape party. Hypocrisy!

What type of hypocrisy is this? Where in our constitution does it say that a building that was to house a sex party should be demolished? Has the home of a Senator notorious for slapping and sex toys been demolished? Are there no brothels in Kaduna? Have they been demolished?

Which fool will read or hear about such an extrajudicial action and then bring his money to invest in a state where such a thing can happen? In fact, Kaduna state should get ready for a capital flight from the state to other states where there is some measure of restraint on the part of the government.
What is to stop any enemy of hoteliers or restaurateurs from printing ‘sex party’ flyers, without the knowledge of the proprietor, just to influence the Kaduna authorities from taking the laws into their hands and demolishing their businesses? Nothing. Absolutely nothing!

And now we hear that the Nigerian police are after the organisers of a beach party in Yola. The only thing strange here is that I thought there were no beaches in Yola. My bad. If they cite #COVID19, I would understand, but they said the party is immoral. What is ‘immoral’ about a beach party?

Kaduna and Adamawa have some of the worst hunger parties on Earth, with over a million out-of-school children. Their governments cannot demolish poverty, yet, they are demolishing buildings on the flimsy excuse that they were to host a sex party. If they hate sex so much, have they demolished the brothels in their states?
I agree that a sex party is immoral. But that is the thing. There was NO such party. It was a prank. But even if it was not a prank, what is the business of government if consenting adults gather to have sex? There are many pregnant underaged girls in Kaduna. Has Nasir El-Rufai demolished the houses of the men who impregnated them? Or are they saints?

Sex parties are not the problem of Kaduna. Not by a long shot. Herdsmen, bandits and kidnappers kill people in Kaduna daily. How many of them have Governor El-Rufai demolished? Instead, he boasts that he pays herdsmen. Imagine that. Short in height and vision!
The saddest part of the Kaduna alleged sex party saga is that the innocent woman who owned the building lost her one month pregnancy due to the trauma. May that unborn infant return to heaven and cry out to God over El-Rufai and his rape enthusiast son!

And this tiny tinpot dictator holds a KadInvest seminar every year to attract investors to Kaduna. After the demolishing of the alleged sex party hotel, any investor that invests in Kaduna has a demolished brain. Only the Taleban or ISIS would still find Kaduna attractive enough to invest under the El-Rufai dictatorship.

And true to type, the Supreme Council for Shariah in Nigeria commended El-Rufai for his action a few days after the event. Their statement read inter alia:
“The Council as an advocate of moral and social values commends the steps taken by the Kaduna State Government on the arrest of the organizers of the Satanic so-called “Kaduna Sex Party” and the demolition of Asher Hotel at Barnawa, Kaduna.”
That statement could very well have been written by Mullah Omar, leader of the Taleban. Kaduna, Unser El-Rufai, would be ISIS’s idea of paradise. We have not forgotten the Shiite Zaria Massacre of December 12, 2015. We are quietly waiting for El-Rufai’s immunity to end. The vulture is a patient bird!

If Nasir El-Rufai is still wondering why the Nigerian Bar Association disinvited him, he should take a long hard look at the demolished Kaduna alleged sex party hotel. It is such intolerant, dictatorial, unconstitutional and callous action that has made him a pariah to decent society.

Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Kaduna youths are being ravaged by tramadol and codeine addiction. It has caused a spike in crime and terrorism. Yet, we have not heard that El-Rufai has demolished a tramadol centre. Majoring on the minor and minoring on the major!
And if you even look at the building, which the Kaduna State Government claimed was to host a sex party, it is obviously a restaurant. Who holds a sex party at a restaurant? Where are the beds? It just beggars belief that anybody could believe such a ridiculous story!

Nasir El-Rufai threatens people that do not share his political leanings with death in body bags, Boko Haram’s Abubakar Shekau threatens those who don’t share his religion with death by violence. Shekau demolishes schools, El-Rufai demolishes businesses. At the end of the day, same difference!
Abubakar Shekau and Nasir El-Rufai are men Nigeria does not need. Men whose religious and ethnic intolerance is eating away at the fabric of our national unity. Born of them are terrors in their little fiefdoms. Is Kaduna much different than Shekau’s stronghold?

Of course not! It is even arguable that the quantum of bloodletting is even more pronounced in Kaduna than in Sambisa ever since he rose to power. And what is happening in Kaduna will happen nationally if he ever becomes Nigeria’s President. Igbo man say Tufiakwa! Yoruba man say akoba adaba Olorun ma je a ri!
Only today, I saw a massive crowd marking the New Year at Elegushi Beach in Lagos, unmindful of #COVID19 regulations. Lagosians do not know how blessed they are that Jide Sanwo-olu is their Governor. Had it been Nasir El-Rufai, he would have demolished the Atlantic ocean!

In fact, I have a question for Nasir El-Rufai:
If I print a flyer and list your personal house in Kaduna as venue for a sex party, without your knowledge, will you demolish your own house? If I list the address as your godfather, Buhari’s house, will you demolish the house? Or does your madness only apply to those you can bully because of their powerlessness? Is your gang rape enthusiast son any better than the youth who did the prank? Yoruba call people like you oloriburuku!

And you can just imagine the infantile statement released by the Kaduna State Government claiming that though the trigger for demolition of the property was the alleged sex party, the grounds for the demolition is that the building had no permit. Are we fools? So we are to believe that the fact that Mrs. Aisha Mercy Yakubu is the wife of the spokesman of Kaduna State Peoples Democratic Party played no role in this?

On Thursday January 7, 2021, the Kaduna State government charged Aisha Yakubu’s husband, Abraham Alberah, who just happens to be the Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in Kaduna State, on a charge of attempted adultery and organising a nudist party in breach of COVID-19 protocols.

In the charges preferred, Kaduna state alleged that 50 people were found dancing naked at Asher Restaurant, venue of the alleged Kaduna Sex Party. A couple of questions arise. Why were there no photos or videos of the 50 naked people? They claimed they all escaped. How can 50 naked people escape a building surrounded by police?

So, let me get this straight Mr El-Rufai. The Kaduna state government claims the police surrounded Asher Restaurant, which had a 3 meter fence. After surrounding the premises, they went in and met fifty naked people dancing. Yet, all the 50 naked people escaped, and police could not catch or photograph even one? El-Rufai, what is the name of your Nollywood movie?

On President Jonathan’s 2015 Concession:
What happened in the US on Wednesday, January 6, 2020, should cause those who never appreciated what former President Jonathan did to have a rethink. Nigeria could have gone up in flames if Jonathan did not concede. Not only did he concede, he did so while the results were still being collated. He then addressed the country on the same day, in a national broadcast and urged his supporters to accept the results of the election. Jonathan had staunch supporters. But his power of love was greater than his love for power. Muhammadu Buhari lost three elections and never conceded. In 2011, his supporters unleashed terror on Nigeria and hundreds died. It is now that Nigerians and the world will appreciate the man who said “my ambition is not worth the blood of any citizen”. May God bless Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan!