Joanna Kelly-Ochiagha: Global Media Strategist, Innovator, Community Builder


Over the years Nigerians have been flying the nation’s flag higher in different fields of endeavours worldwide. Recently, a 27-year-old Nigerian female doctor was named amongst the Doctors in charge of the vaccine and treatment of COVID-19 by the President-elect, Joe Biden’s government in the United States of America. Another 27-year-old projecting Nigeria’s good image in the UK and around the world is Joanna Kelly-Ochiagha, a global media strategist, specialising in human development and innovation, with a focus of empowering and lifting off Nigerian women out of poverty. In an interview with Chiamaka Ozulumba, she explains further her passion for wanting to relocate back to Nigeria in other to achieve her goals

You’re on vacation in Nigeria, how are you coping especially with the presence of COVID-19?

I am not on vacation, I’m in my transition to move back home, it’s been well so far and much better then the UK as they are on complete lockdown so I’m happy I can at least travel to see family and do what I need to do for me and my family’s move to be a big success.

According to your profile, “you have a passion to lift the Nigerian girl child out of poverty” how do you intend to do that?

I have a passion for Nigeria as a whole the girl child is my focus for now amongst other things as I believe our women need more security and to be empowered to voice them self in every way possible. I grow up in Nigeria I know it take more then just feeding a village or building boreholes for clean water which I have done all of. My intention for my foundation is to create platforms to expose and build young strong women like myself so that they are able to do the same for others… it will take more than me I’m just a vessel but I know I’ll build and produce other global leaders but it will not work unless we unite.

Are you in this alone?

Absolutely not, How? My husband and I run a foundation here called ‘The Ochiagha Dynasty’ which sole purpose is to HELP, building communities, creating platforms and giving better opportunities. We also work and have the backing of global cooperations such as Nxtion Family and others across the world. We are just at the forefront of it all but we have a great backing and team.

Do you have a time frame to achieving this vision?

The time is NOW!! there is no time frame it’s just I will not be satisfied until I see consistency across Africa… the aim is to take one city at a time and pour everything possible in that city to create a ripple effect.

Any success story so far?

We have currently just finished building new rounds in the east of Nigeria, we built boreholes in Makoko, we fed over 10,000 people across Nigeria on one project, we worked with the UN to feed women in Ghana the list goes on… but it’s nothing to the vision we have for Africa my focus now is to create platforms, opportunities and security.

In your view, how is Nigeria perceived internationally?

Internationally the county is looked at as very corrupt and in some parts looked down on however that’s not for everyone and that is not 100 per cent true. I believe our leaders are used to a certain way of doing things which is a system that goes back from way before our independence.

I also believe our new generation leaders are realising this and strategising ways to fill the gap and implementing new ways to heal our country but all I can say is I will be amongst them. It’s all hands on deck to see change in our county because it’s a beautiful place.

What’s your picture of Nigeria in the nearest future, say, five years ?

I believe we will start to see new generation leaders raise, the youth heard more and a more unified force but we will see, change starts with me so I will do my part.

As we’re just starting 2021, what do you have to say to the the Nigerian youths?

I would say “2020 took a lot but gained us youths our voice and we will be heard fear does not live here and don’t look at your circumstances as your final destination it breads defeat. We will stay as one and make this country great again for the generation after us.