PDP Youth Leader Urges Office Holders to Emulate Former Senator on Good Governance

By Hammed Shittu

A youth leader in the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara state, Hon. AbdulQadir AbdulGaniyu, has tasked political office holders in the country to emulate the exemplary leadership of a former lawmaker who represented Kwara South senatorial district in the Eight National Assembly, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, so as to ensure good governance in the rural areas of the country.

A statement issued in Ilorin on Thursday signed by Hon. AbdulGaniyu, a copy of which was made available to journalists on the sidelines of the 54th birthday of Senator Ibrahim, stated that, the former lawmaker used his political office to improve the lives of the people, especially youths without minding their political affiliations during his tenure.

The statement said that, “Ibrahim’s philanthropic gestures transcend political consideration because he cares for all irrespective of political or any primordial considerations.”

The statement added that, “Your pragmatic leadership has changed the fortunes of many people into prosperity and this has transformed the lives of many youths into a greater economic prosperity during your tenure as their senator.

“I urge the public office holders in Kwara state to emulate the exemplary conduct of Ibrahim so as to improve the socio-economic development of the society”.

On Senator Ibrahim’s 54th birthday, Hon. AbdulGaniyu who is also a Media Officer on Local Matters to the celebrant, said, “friends, admirers and conspirators know you (Ibrahim) have the wisdom and maturity to spin political affairs and implement life transforming plans for your people.

“Subjecting your life to inspection, you have on many occasions proven that when people are not convinced with our abilities, we should depress them with our achievements and that is the reason your detractors could accuse you or attach your political recess to incompetence, failure(s) or unfulfilled promises.

“Your displayed maturity in victory and loss is admirable and an important lesson. Equally, how you have admittedly through actions proven that humanity and collective prosperity must be picked above selective interest is imitable.

“Despite politics not being guided by any legitimate rule, you have always cared and pay close attention to details of history about you.

“You have lived today bearing in mind that future generations would not ask you the political party you belonged, the ideology or sentiments you shared but what you did when you had opportunity. I am optimistic that history will be kind to you and remind others or expose them as frauds when they fail to handle today by compromising the future”.

The statement therefore said that, “Kwara South is indeed a blessed land and such an environment producing someone like you is applaudable. The environment invested a lot in you and I am sure they are proud you gave back to them.”

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