New Lease of Life for Dame Patience Jonathan

patience jonathan

Shakespeare said that the world is a stage with players running up and down. Someone else added that the stage is set in a gambling den, so change and chance are the actual motivators for the helter-skelters. This is truer for former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, and her friends. With rumours of honey in Goodluck Jonathan’s beehive, folks have started to buzz around Dame Patience after five long years of unbroken intermission.

Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan vacated Aso Rock Villa with his wife and family in 2015. The man lost the election, but his gentlemanly conduct won the approval of world leaders and various humanistic organisations. It has been five years, and the complaints levelled against Jonathan’s administration allegedly pale in comparison to his successor’s. This is reportedly the origin of the reports of a return, with Jonathan introducing a host of welcome reforms and policies.

One spinoff of these rumours that has left jaws dropping is the sudden revitalisation of Dame Patience’s formerly wilted camp of friends and fans.

Dame Patience Jonathan was First Lady for four years, and for four years, she was a celebrated darling. Power and position have their charm, but Dame Patience’s charm extended beyond these. For all intents and purposes, she was a lady of the people, admired for her simplicity, praised for her frank personality, and idolised for her motherly sentiments. Even some of the most influential Nigerian business and political characters touted Dame Patience to no end.

All of that vanished after the 2015 presidential election. Dame Patience was no longer a Queen Bee, no longer invited to soirées and galas. Everything vanished, and the old Dame Patience Camp dissolved into nothing.

Not anymore! The tales of Goodluck Jonathan returning to power have reminded all and sundry of the charm, simplicity and motherly sentiments of Dame Patience. According to reports, the old friends of the former First Lady have begun to congregate around her—hats off to short tenures and shorter memories.

Unfortunately, the return of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to office is nothing but tittle-tattle