How Fear Helped Emiliano Guerrero Achieve Greatness


In this report, Ugo Aliogo, how Guerrero overcame fear to succeed

At only 20, Emiliano Guerrero has taken many risks in his career to get to where he is today. Guerrero was confident from a young age that he would go to work on Wall Street after college, so he drafted a plan to fast-track his life, graduating from high school at the age of 16. However, a few years into college, Guerrero decided to change course. “I confidentially dropped out before my last year of college and jumped into the deep end,” he said. “Much to the dismay of my grandparents, who called me non-stop, worried sick that I was making a huge mistake.”

Although this decision came with many unknowns, Guerrero was more afraid of continuing down a path that did not lead to fulfillment. “Fear is the loss or potential to lose something that makes you happy,” he noted. “For me, it is the disruption and threat to what makes me happy: freedom and problem solving.”

He added: “Fear is scary, but fear is also necessary in life. If life were all carrots and no sticks, I wouldn’t end up anywhere. Honestly, the world wouldn’t end up anywhere.”

Instead of becoming a stumbling block, Guerrero allowed his fear to fuel him, spurring him on to greater success. “It was brutal and hard,” he hinted. “But here I am, about two years later, living with my business partner, solving great problems, and now doing seven figures a year in revenue through my eCommerce based start-up.”

At Scale Online, Guerrero continues to look fear in the face, motivated by the thrill of problem-solving along the way. “I despise being told what to do, what box to fit into, and which dull rules to follow,” he said. “I need the freedom to solve interesting problems or I lose my sense of purpose. A problem solved? Give me the next one. This is my life, this is what I signed up for.”