How Many Viewers Watch Esports Events?


Over the years, esports have grown bigger and bigger. Esports viewership have reached a peak in the past years, with viewers reaching over two billion.

As incredible as it sounds, the esports industry pulls over a billion dollars; it gets better knowing a bunch of that sum comes from viewers.

The puzzling question is what, who, and where are these esports viewers.

Relax, as always- we got you covered. Over 20% of internet watch esports tournaments; esports games have recently become an accepted way of entertainment among several people worldwide.

Join in as we follow all there is to know on esports viewing; come along!

Who’s Watching?

Youngsters make up over 70% of esports viewers on the internet; over 50% of esports gaming is watched by persons from the ages 16 to 34 years old, with Asia taking the lead on the continent with the highest number of esports tournaments.

There’s also room for older people, but not many of the elderly watch esports games. Less than 10% of esports viewers are above 50 years old.

Where Are Esports Tournament Mostly Watched?

Asia has an astonishing population of esports fans, with China having 40% of its internet users watching esports games.

That’s not all- Vietnam follows closely in second place with 33% of internet users watching esports tournaments.

Others are the Phillippines with 29%, Indonesia with 26%, and Thailand closing the top five list with 25% of internet users viewing esports tournaments.

India, South Korea, U. A. E, Taiwan, and Turkey all make up the top ten list.

Sadly, a minute 6% of internet users in the United States watch esports tournaments, placing the U.S on the 37th spot on the list.

What Are the Best Games to Watch?

Let’s face it- there’s a whole lot of tournaments to watch; there’s a high chance one would be most likely to watch esports games they either know or have played before.

Being open-minded to explore new tournaments is key to having fun with esports, so one best way to explore is by watching several new esports tournaments and catching the most entertaining games.

The quality graphics of a game also attracts viewers, especially the newbies in the industry.

In 2019 some of the most popular esports tournaments were:

Dota-2: Defence of the Ancients 2, or simply Dota- 2 is a big deal amongst gamers today. The attractive graphics and challenging scenes excites viewers and gamers beyond expectations. The tournament is currently one of the most popular esports events viewed, with a viewing population of 1.96 million.

League of Legends: mostly referred to as LoL, the game is a multiplayer online battle arena that offers newbies a platform to show their hungry gaming skills. LoL also has cool graphics but is a bit easier when compared to the Dota-2 tournament. LoL is the most-watched tournament in 2019, with 3.98 million viewers.

Fortnite: Yeah! I could tell what’s on your mind. How cool would it get! Fortnite has all it takes to be entertained by a game, with off the chart options for gamers, to various casual and serious games available; Fortnite is the Disneyland for gaming.

The tournament had 2.33 million viewers in 2019 alone.

Other popular games are Counter-Strike Global Offensive, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, and Street Fighter V.


Esports gaming is developing quickly and most likely has come to stay for a long time.

If you’re thinking of watching these top-notch tournaments or if you are interested in placing a bet on one of the esports betting sites , you could try platforms like Twitch, ESL, and GINX or Youtube Gaming.

Most of these platforms offer free viewing of esports tournaments, with a bulk of advertisers’ funds. If you’ve got extra cash, you could pay to avoid ad popups while viewing. Enjoy!