Phase3 Telecom Sets Agenda, Celebrates 17th Year Operation Business


One of Nigeria’s leading independent fiber optic network infrastructure and telecommunications services providers, Phase3 Telecom, has set in motion, a 7point client value and innovation targeted roadmap.

The commemorative agenda was revealed to SHARPEDGENEWS Online in a statement, titled: In commemoration of its 17th anniversary themed “Moving Forward.”

The company, acknowledged that having begun its operations in 2003, to provide fibre optic backbone infrastructure, broadband, and converged services across Nigeria – has over the years, expanded the scope of its operations beyond the shores of Nigeria, through invaluable global partnerships.

Thus, launching multiple expansion projects targeted at transforming West Africa’s telecommunications landscape, using innovative technology, as leverage to effectively connect people and businesses within the sub-region, and to the rest of the world.

According to it’s Executive Chairman, Mr.Stanley Jegede: “In its 17th year, Phase3’s role in Nigeria, and Africa’s telecommunications cum technology space, has become more mission critical for the future.

Considering the global new normal created by COVID-19, as it places limits on face-to-face interactions, and disrupts traditional as well as tested ways, businesses engage with customers, partners and stakeholders across market demographics.”

He said that as one of the most daunting health crises in modern history, the pandemic has increased the company’s resilience and re-engineered its network capabilities to chart a seven point roadmap, and develop multiple scenario business mitigation plan that are helmed on re-establishing safe and secure ways of delivering Phase3 connectivity, communication and cloud services.

Jegede, stressed that resources and investment outlook are also tailored to realizing the company’s robust market expansion and digital transformation plan, in quick time.

“The Phase3 family would always be grateful for the opportunity to be of vital contribution in one of the world’s fastest growing sectors as well as the development and rapid economic growth of the country.

“That it is both a privilege and cherished responsibility, to play an active part of simulating a vibrant digital economy; fostering digital literacy; bridging the digital divide, and getting the unconnected connected.” He said.

The Phase3 boss, said the company will continues to ensure its backbone, legacy services and new solutions, are strategically and technologically optimized through vital investments that would help clients navigate an unprecedented time; scale vis a vis sustain business continuity and aid their growth projections year-on-year.