Elisha Ishaku Abbo

It was reported last week that a court awarded N50m damages against the distinguished Senator who was said to have assaulted a lady while trying to get sex toys. So they said. Well, I understand the feeling very well. That is what they call ‘conji’ in Shomolu. When the thing catch you, you cannot think straight again o. The erection will just be controlling you until you release, you are not the same again o, senator or no senator. Let me give you guys one gist.

There used to be a small brothel in Shomolu with just three rooms. So you will collect tally. Those of us that had sense would settle and jump the queue and do our thing and go. So this day, an old man had come in and took his tally and waited patiently. That is how boys were coming and going after settling. After waiting for hours, the conji took over. He jumped up and started smashing things, screaming: “Do you want to kill somebody.

I have been here since morning and people have been coming and going, when will it be my turn?” After smashing everything in sight, he started crying and holding his erection. Later on, they took pity on him and asked him to enter. He thanked them profusely.

You see what conji can do to a man. Conji has no respect for status, senator or president, once conji hold you, you must deal with it o. My advice to the senator na next time instead wey he go slap person and receive disgrace wey don cost am N50m, he for just enter the next HealthPlus shop and buy Vaseline. Those who know, know. I don talk, beat me.